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    Eric Sowey, Peter Petocz.
    Part I Introduction
    Why is statistics such a fascinating subject?
    How statistics differs from mathematics
    Statistical literacy- essential in the 21st century
    Statistical inquiry on the web
    Part II Statistical description
    Trustworthy statistics are accurate, meaningful and relevant
    Let's hear it for the standard deviation!
    Index numbers- time travel for averages
    The beguiling ways of bad statistics I
    The beguiling ways of bad statistics II
    Part III Preliminaries to inference
    Puzzles and paradoxes in probability
    Some paradoxes of randomness
    Hidden risks for gamblers
    Models in statistics
    The normal distribution: history, computation and curiosities
    Part IV Statistical inference
    The pillars of applied statistics- estimation
    The pillars of applied statistics- hypothesis testing
    'Data snooping' and the significance level in multiple testing
    Francis Galton and the birth of regression
    Experimental design- piercing the veil of random variation
    In praise of Bayes
    Part V Some statistical byways
    Quality in statistics
    History of ideas: statistical personalities and the personalities of statisticians
    Statistical eponymy
    Statistical 'laws'
    Statistical artefacts
    Part VI Answers
    Answers to the chapter questions.
    Digital Access Wiley 2017