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    Len Wisneski, MD, FACP.
    A review of classic physiological systems -- Systems integration : psychoneuroimmunology -- The stress system -- The relaxation system : theoretical construct -- The relaxation system : therapeutic modalities -- Energy medicine : cutting-edge modalities -- Energy medicine : focus on non-thermal electromagnetic therapies -- Energy medicine : focus on lasers -- The four pillars and two guideposts for the healing professions -- The pineal gland : energy transducer -- Soul medicine : crossing the boundary -- Human epigenetics in health and disease -- History and philosophy of naturopathic medicine -- Wellbeing -- Assessing the toxic load and detoxification strategies -- Precision nutrition -- The landscape of integrative medicine in America with a shift to prevention and health promotion -- Whole person caring -- Energy medicine : focus on lasers.
    Digital Access  TandFonline 2017