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    edited by David K. Gardner, Carlos Simón.
    IVF : the first four decades / Mae Wu Healy, Micah J. Hill, and Alan DeCherney
    Evaluation and preparation of the infertile couple for in vitro fertilization / David R. Meldrum
    Carrier screening / Stephanie Hallam and Gregory Porreca
    Testing ovarian reserve / Daniela Galliano, Nuria Pellicer, and Antonio Pellicer
    Basics of ovarian stimulation / Sandra J. Tanahatoe, Frank J.M. Broekmans, and Bart C.J.M. Fauser
    Role of antagonists in human IVF : the tool to a safer and more patient friendly IVF / Evangelos Papanikolaou and Robert Najdecki
    Ultrasonography in IVF / Roger A. Pierson
    Oocyte retrieval / Nina Resetkova and Michel M. Alper
    In vitro maturation for clinical use / Melanie L. Walls and Roger Hart
    Sperm preparation for IVF and ICSI / Christopher J. De Jonge and Nancy Bossert
    Assisted fertilization / Zsolt Peter Nagy
    Analysis of fertilization / Basak Balaban
    Human embryo development and assessment of viability / David K. Gardner and Markus Montag
    Embryo culture systems / David K. Gardner and Michelle Lane
    Polar body, cleavage stage and trophectoderm biopsy / Antonio Capalbo, Laura Rienzi, Danilo Cimadomo, and Filippo Maria Ubaldi
    Preimplantation genetic testing / Nathan R. Treff and Carmen Rubio
    Oocytes and embryo cryopreservation / Ana Cobo
    Quality control and quality assurance in the IVF laboratory / David Mortimer and Sharon T. Mortimer
    Oocyte donation / Irene Woo and Richard J. Paulson
    Endometrial receptivity / Sujata Lalitkumar, Eva Gomez, Maria Ruiz-Alonso, Diana Valbuena, Felipe Vilella, and Carlos Simón
    Embryo transfer / Giulia Mariani and Jose Bellver
    Multiple vs singleton births : consequences and prevention / Ernesto Bosch
    Monitoring and evaluation of infertility treatments : is there a priority for monitoring of cognitive function in children born from ART and other treatments? / Michael J. Davies, Vivienne M. Moore.
    Digital Access TandFonline 2017