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    [edited by] Barbara J. Bain, Imelda Bates, Michael A. Laffan ; editor emeritus, S. Mitchell Lewis.
    1. Collection and handling of blood 2. Reference ranges and normal values 3. Basic haematological techniques 4. Preparation and staining methods for blood and bone marrow films 5. Blood cell morphology in health and disease 6. Supplementary techniques including blood parasite diagnosis 7. Bone marrow biopsy 8. Molecular and cytogenetic analysis 9. Iron deficiency anaemia and iron overload 10. Investigation of megaloblastic anaemia: cobalamin, folate and metabolite status 11. Laboratory methods used in the investigation of the haemolytic anaemias 12. Investigation of the hereditary haemolytic anaemias: membrane and enzyme abnormalities 13. Acquired haemolytic anaemias 14. Investigation of variant haemoglobins and thalassemias 15. Erythrocyte and leucocyte cytochemistry 16. Immunophenotyping by flow cytometry 17. Diagnostic radioisotopies in haematology 18. Investigation of haemostasis 19. Investigation of a thrombotic tehdency 20. Laboratory control of anticoagulant, thrombolytic and antiplatelet therapy 21. Blood cell antigens and antibodies: erythrocytes, platelets, and neutrophils 22. Laboratory aspects of blood transfusion 23. Approach to the diagnosis and classification of blood cell disorders 24. Laboratory organisation, management and safety 25. Quality assurance 26. Haematology in under-resourced laboratories 27. Appendix
    Digital Access  ClinicalKey 2017