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    Rudolf Probst, Gerhard Grevers, Heinrich Iro ; with contributions by Frank Rosanowski, Ulrich Eysholdt, Frank Waldfahrer.
    Anatomy, physiology, and immunology of the nose, paranasal sinuses, and face / Gerhard Grevers
    Diagnostic evaluation of the nose and paranasal sinuses / Gerhard Grevers
    Diseases of the nose, paranasal sinuses, and face / Gerhard Grevers
    Lips and oral cavity / Gerhard Grevers
    Pharynx and esophagus / Gerhard Grevers
    The salivary glands / Rudolf Probst, Heinrich Iro, Frank Waldfahrer
    Anatomy and physiology of the ear / Rudolf Probst
    Audiology (hearing tests) / Rudolf Probst
    Pediatric hearing disorders, pediatric audiology / Rudolf Probst
    External ear / Rudolf Probst
    Middle ear / Rudolf Probst
    Inner ear and retrocochlear disorders / Rudolf Probst
    Vestibular disorders / Rudolf Probst
    Facial nerve / Rudolf Probst
    Lateral skull base / Rudolf Probst
    External neck / Heinrich Iro, Frank Waldfahrer
    Larynx and trachea / Heinrich Iro, Frank Waldfahrer
    Voice disorders / Frank Rosanowski, Ulrich Eysholdt
    Speech and language disorders / Frank Rosanowski, Ulrich Eysholdt.
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