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    [edited by] Joshua A. Copel, Mary E. D'Alton, Helen Feltovich, Eduard Gratacoś, Deborah Krakow, Anthony O. Odibo, Lawrence D. Platt, Boris Tutschek.
    Summary: "Richly illustrated and comprehensive in scope, Obstetric Imaging, 2nd Edition, provides up-to-date, authoritative guidelines for more than 200 obstetric conditions and procedures, keeping you at the forefront of this fast-changing field. This highly regarded reference covers the extensive and ongoing advances in maternal and fetal imaging in a concise, newly streamlined format for quicker access to common and uncommon findings. Detailed, expert guidance, accompanied by superb, high-quality images, helps you make the most of new technologies and advances in obstetric imaging"--Publisher's description.

    Atlas of selected normal images
    Congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation of the lung
    Bronchopulmonary sequestration
    Scimitar syndrome
    Other thoracic tumors and masses
    Abnormal kidney location
    Abnormal kidney size
    Bilateral renal agenesis
    Unilateral renal agenesis
    Renal pelvis dilatation
    Duplicated collecting system
    Posterior urethral valves
    Multicystic dysplastic kidney
    Autosomal recessive (infantile) polycystic kidney disease
    Fetal adrenal abnormalities
    Ambiguous genitalia
    Cloacal abnormalities
    Echogenic bowel
    Fetal hepatic calcification
    Abdominal cysts
    Biliary anomalies
    Intestinal obstruction
    Congenital diaphragmatic hernia
    Hepatic anomalies
    Intraabdominal masses
    Megacystis-microcolon-intestinal hypoperistalsis syndrome
    Sacrococcygeal teratoma and fetus in fetu
    Fetal spleen
    Choroid plexus anomalies : cysts and papillomas
    Corpus callosum and septum pellucidum anomalies
    Septooptic dysplasia
    Cortical development and disorders
    Cerebellar anomalies
    Walker-Warburg syndrome
    Intracranial hemorrhage, cysts, tumors, and destructive lesions
    Neural tube defects
    Vascular cerebral anomalies
    Pregnancy of unknown location, early pregnancy loss, ectopic pregnancy, and cesarean scar pregnancy
    Nuchal translucency
    Atelosteogenesis disorders
    Campomelic dysplasia
    Chondrodysplasia punctata
    DTDST dysplasia (including AOII and achondrogenesis IB)
    FGFR3 disorders : thanatophoric dysplasia, achondroplasia, and hypochondroplasia
    Osteogenesis imperfecta
    Radial ray deficiency
    Russell-silver syndrome
    Short rib thoracic dysplasia with or without polydactyly
    Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita
    Other type II collagen disorders
    Acrofacial dysostosis
    Caudal regression syndrome
    Spinal abnormalities and Klippel-Feil syndrome
    Abnormal hands : focus on the thumbs
    Clubfoot (talipes equinovarus) and clenched hands
    Clubfoot (talipes equinovarus)
    Cleft lip and palate
    Orbital defects : hypertelorism and hypotelorism
    Choanal atresia
    Micrognathia and retrognathia
    Facial dysmorphism
    Cystic hygroma
    Neck teratoma
    Fetal thyroid masses and fetal goiter
    Congenital high airways obstruction syndrome (chaos) and bronchial atresia
    Ultrasound of normal fetal heart
    Ventricular septal defect
    Atrioventricular septal defect
    Tricuspid atresia
    Ebstein anomaly and tricuspid dysplasia
    Pulmonary stenosis and atresia
    Aortic stenosis and aortic atresia
    Hypoplastic left heart syndrome and mitral atresia
    Aortic coarctation
    Interruption of the aortic arch
    Aortic arch anomalies
    Tetralogy of Fallot
    Transposition of great arteries
    Double-outlet right ventricle
    Common arterial trunk
    Double-inlet single ventricle
    Atrial isomerism
    Anomalies of pulmonary venous return
    Anomalies of systemic venous return
    Cardiac tumors
    Placental abruption
    Placenta accreta
    Amniotic band sequence
    Placenta circumvallata
    Cord cyst
    Cord varix
    Gestational trophoblastic disease
    Limb-body wall complex
    Placenta previa
    Vasa previa
    Fetal macrosomia
    Beckwith-wiedemann syndrome
    Intrauterine growth restriction
    Cordocentesis and fetal transfusion
    Chorionic villus sampling
    Radiofrequency ablation
    Selective laser photocoagulation
    Fetal shunts
    Multifetal pregnancy reduction
    Open fetal surgery
    Lymphedema and lymphatic malformations
    Nonimmune hydrops fetalis
    Immune hydrops fetalis
    Cervical length and spontaneous preterm birth
    Fetal biophysical profile
    Charge syndrome
    Cornelia de lange syndrome
    Fraser syndrome
    Fryns syndrome
    Goldenhar syndrome
    Klippel-Trénaunay-Weber syndrome
    Holt-oram syndrome
    Meckel-gruber syndrome
    Neu-laxova syndrome
    Noonan syndrome
    Pentalogy of cantrell
    Pierre robin sequence
    Poland sequence
    Prune-belly syndrome
    Roberts syndrome
    Cystic fibrosis
    Pontocerebellar disorders
    Tuberous sclerosis
    Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome
    Vater association
    Introduction to aneuploidy
    Trisomy 13
    Trisomy 18
    Trisomy 21
    Turner syndrome (monosomy X)
    Mosaic trisomies 8, 9, and 16
    22q2 deletion syndrome
    Chromosome 4p deletion syndrome (Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome)
    Chromosome 5p deletion syndrome (cri du chat syndrome)
    Miller-Dieker syndrome (17p3 deletion syndrome)
    Chorionicity of multiple gestations
    Monochorionic monoamniotic twin gestations
    Monochorionic diamniotic twin gestations
    Dichorionic diamniotic twin gestations
    Twin-twin transfusion syndrome
    Twin reversed arterial perfusion sequence
    Diagnostic procedures in multiples
    Cytomegalovirus, rubella, toxoplasmosis, herpes simplex virus, and varicella
    Congenital Zika virus syndrome
    Parvovirus b19 infection during pregnancy
    Congenital syphilis
    Ultrasound physics for the clinician
    Elasticity imaging in obstetrics
    Doppler ultrasound evaluation of the fetus and placenta
    Magnetic resonance imaging in obstetrics
    Three-dimensional ultrasound : techniques and clinical applications.
    Digital Access ClinicalKey 2018