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    Ayaz Najafov, Gerta Hoxhaj.
    Summary: Western Blotting Guru provides researchers in molecular biology with a handy reference for approaching and solving challenging problems associated with immunoblotting setup and optimization. As a laboratory guide, it emphasizes the technical aspects of efficiently employing immunoblotting as a tool in molecular biology laboratories. The book covers the basic science underlying immunoblotting and detailed description of the method parameters, followed by good benchtop practices, tips and tricks for obtaining high-quality data and a detailed troubleshooting guide addressing a variety of problem types.

    Chapter 1. Introduction
    Chapter 2. Procedure
    Chapter 3. Good practices
    Chapter 4. Optimization and troubleshooting
    Chapter 5. Tips and tricks
    Chapter 6. Special cases
    Chapter 7. Data analysis, storage, retrieval
    Appendix A. Buffers and solutions
    Appendix B. SDS-PAGE gel tables
    Appendix C. SDS-PAGE protocol
    Appendix D. Wet transfer and immunoblotting protocol
    Appendix E. Home-made enhanced chemiLuminescence (ECL) detection
    Appendix F. Stripping protocols
    Appendix G. Coomassie staining protocol
    Appendix H. Lysis of cells using native conditions
    Appendix I. Quick denaturing lysis protocol
    Appendix J. Protein tags
    Appendix K. Covalent crosslinking of antibodies to beads
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2017