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    Michael B.A. Oldstone, Madeleine Rose Oldstone.
    1. Ebola's origin: a limited but devasting viral hemorhagic disease of Central Africa
    2. Ebola's unanticipated arrival in West Africa
    3. Kenema Government Hospital: from Lassa to Ebola
    4. Sheik Humarr Khan: leading the fight against ebola in Sierra Leone at Kenema Government Hospital
    5. ZMapp: the ethics of decision making
    6. Robert Garry: managing the effort to curtail ebola's curse
    7. Pardis Sabeti: geneticist tracking ebola's travels and changing profile
    8. Ebola's curse: impact on the economics of West Africa
    9. Ebola's scorecard: failure of the WHO and the international community
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2017