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    edited by Stefan G. Hofmann, Gordon J.G. Asmundson.
    The generic model of cognitive behavioral therapy / Scott H. Waltman and Leslie Sokol
    Treatment-relevant assessment in cognitive-behavioral therapy / Katerina Rnic and David J.A. Dozois
    Learning principles in CBT / Michelle L. Davis, Sara M. Witcraft, Scarlett O. Baird and Jasper A.J. Smits
    Cognitive processes in CBT / Eni S. Becker and Janna N. Vrijsen
    Emotion regulation in cognitive-behavioral therapy / Andre J. Plate and Amelia Aldao
    Combined treatment with CBT and psychopharmacology / Josie Lee, Bridget A. Hearon and Michael W. Otto
    Acceptance and commitment therapy and the cognitive behavioral tradition / Frederick Chin and Steven C. Hayes
    Mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral treatments / Lizabeth Roemer, Natalie Arbid, Jennifer H. Martinez and Susan M. Orsillo
    Global to local / Anushka Patel and Devon Hinton
    Cognitive-behavioral therapy in older adults / Elizabeth C. Conti, Cynthia Kraus-Schulman and Melinda A. Stanley
    Cognitive-behavioral therapy for children and adolescents / Danielle Cornacchio, Amanda L. Sanchez, Tommy Chou and Jonathan S. Comer
    Behavioral activation treatments for depression / Leanne Quigley and Keith S. Dobson
    Posttraumatic stress disorder / Richard A. Bryant
    Eating disorders / Zafra Cooper and Riccardo D. Grave
    Transdiagnostic treatment for anxiety disorders / Laren R. Conklin and Hannah Boettcher
    Cognitive behavioral therapy for sleep disorders / Caitlin E. Gasperetti, Michael R. Dolsen and Allison G. Harvey
    Cognitive behavioral therapy for somafom disorders and / Maria Kleinstäuber and Winfried Rief
    Dialectical behavior therapy / Anita Lungu and Marsha M. Linehan
    Cognitive bias modification / Jennie M. Kuckertz and Nader Amir
    Cognitive training in schizophrenia / Kristen M. Haut, Vijay A. Mittal, Stewart A. Shankman and Christine I. Hooker
    Internet-based cognitive behavior therapy / Gerhard Andersson, Per Carlbring and Heather D. Hadjustavropoulos
    Virtual reality and other realities / Cristina Botella, Rosa M. Baños, Azucena García-Palacios and Soledad Quero.
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2017