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    edited by Anthony R. White, Michael Aschner, Lucio G. Costa, Ashley I. Bush.
    Biometals and Alzheimer's disease / Alexandra I. Mot, Peter J. Crouch -- Copper in Alzheimer's disease / Rosanna Squitti, Maricarla Ventriglia, Mariacristina Siotto, Carlo Salustri -- The role of selenium in neurodegenerative diseases / Bárbara R. Cardoso, Dominic J. Hare, Ashley I. Bush -- Does HFE genotype impact macrophage phenotype in disease process and therapeutic response? / Anne M. Nixon, James R. Connor -- Chemical elements and oxidative status in neuroinflammation / Michela Ferraldeschi, Silvia Romano, Maria C. Buscarinu, Arianna Fornasiero, Rosella Mechelli, Benedetta Cerasoli, Anna Pino, Sonia Brescianini, Carlo Mattei, Maria A. Stazi, Alessandro Alimonti, Marco Salvetti, Giovanni Ristori -- Metals and neuroinflammation / Stephen C. Bondy -- Metals and prions / David R. Brown -- Manganese and neurodegeneration / Dinamene Marques Dos Santos, Michael Aschner, Ana P. Marrielha Dos Santos -- Zinc in autism / Stefanie Grabrucker, Andreas M. Grabrucker -- Metals and motor neuron disease / Per M. Roos -- Metals and Lysosomal storage disorders / Henna Kontinnen, Katarína Lejavová, Tarja Malm, Katja M Kanninen -- Developmental exposure to metals and its contribution to age-related neurodegeneration / Lucio G. Costa -- Metal biology associated with Huntington's disease / Terry Jo V. Bichell, Timothy C. Halbesma, K. Grace Tipps, Aaron B. Bowman -- Metal-binding to Amyloid-ss peptide / Melisa Del Barrio, Valentina Borghesani, Christelle Hureau, Peter Faller -- Metals and mitochondria in neurodegeneration / Germán Plascencia-Villa, Miguel José- Yacamán, George Perry -- Metal transporters in neurodegeneration / Hong Jiang -- Metal imaging in the brain / David C. Dorman -- Metalloregulation of protein clearance / Alejandra Ramírez Muñoz, Mark A. Greenough, Ashley I. Bush, Carlos M. Opazo -- Metals and autophagy in neurotoxicitiy / Peng Su, Michael Aschner, Jingyuan Chen, Wenjing Luo -- An overview of multifunctonal metal chelators as potential treatments for neurodegenerative diseases / Frank W. Lewis, David Tétard -- Abnormal function of metalloprotein underlies most neurodegenerative diseases / Katja M. Kanninen, Anthony R. White.
    Digital Access  ScienceDirect 2017