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    executive editor, Harvey I. Pass ; editors, David Ball, Giorgio V. Scagliotti.
    Classic epidemiology of lung cancer -- Tobacco control and primary prevention -- Assessing and treating tobacco use in lung cancer care -- Lung cancer in never-smokers : a different disease -- Gender-related differences in lung cancer -- Genetic susceptibility to lung cancer -- Screening for lung cancer -- Preclinical biomarkers for the early detection of lung cancer -- Chemoprevention of lung cancer and management of early lung cancer -- Copy number abnormalities and gene fusions in lung cancer : present and developing technologies -- Mutational events in lung cancer : present and developing technologies -- Epigenetic events in lung cancer : chromatin remodeling and DNA methylation -- Stem cells and lung cancer : in vitro and in vivo studies -- Microenvironment and lung cancer -- Micrornas as biomarkers for lung cancer -- Humoral and cellular immune dysregulation and lung cancer -- Classic anatomic pathology and lung cancer -- Molecular testing in lung cancer -- Management of small histologic and cytologic specimens in the molecular era -- Clinical presentation and prognostic factors in lung cancer -- Conventional imaging of lung cancer -- Positron emission tomography imaging of lung cancer -- Diagnostic workup for suspected lung cancer confined to the chest -- Preoperative and intraoperative invasive staging of the mediastinum -- The eighth edition of the tumor, node, and metastasis classification of lung cancer -- Preoperative functional evaluation of the surgical candidate -- Results of video-assisted techniques for resection of lung cancer -- Robotic surgery : techniques and results for resection of lung cancer -- Extent of surgical resection for stage i and ii lung cancer -- Extended resections for lung cancer : chest wall and pancoast tumors -- Extended resections for lung cancer : bronchovascular sleeve resections -- Multiple nodules : management of synchronous and metachronous lung cancers -- Surgical management of patients considered marginally resectable -- Technical requirements for lung cancer radiotherapy -- Radiobiology of lung cancer -- Patient selection for radiotherapy -- Stage i nonsmall cell lung cancer and oligometastatic disease -- Ablation options for localized nonsmall cell lung cancer -- Radiotherapy for locally advanced nonsmall cell lung cancer including combined modality -- Radiotherapy in the management of small cell lung cancer : thoracic radiotherapy, prophylactic cranial irradiation -- Palliative radiotherapy for lung cancer -- Acute and late toxicities of thoracic radiotherapy : pulmonary, esophagus, and heart -- Neurotoxicity related to radiotherapy and chemotherapy for nonsmall cell and small cell lung cancer -- Frontline systemic therapy options in nonsmall cell lung cancer -- Systemic options for second-line therapy and beyond -- Maintenance chemotherapy for nonsmall cell lung cancer -- Pharmacogenomics in lung cancer : predictive biomarkers for chemotherapy -- New targets for therapy in lung cancer -- Management of toxicities of targeted therapies -- Immunotherapy and lung cancer -- Adjuvant and neoadjuvant chemotherapy for early-stage nonsmall cell lung cancer -- Treatment of extensive-stage small cell lung cancer -- Malignant mesothelioma -- Mediastinal tumors -- Neuroendocrine tumors of the lung other than small cell lung cancer -- Thymic tumors -- Lung cancer emergencies -- The role of palliative care in lung cancer -- Clinical trial methodology in lung cancer : study design and end-point considerations -- How to promote and organize clinical research in lung cancer -- The role of advocacy groups in lung cancer -- The role of health services research in improving the outcomes for patients with lung cancer.
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