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    executive editor, Harvey I. Pass ; editors, David Ball, Giorgio V. Scagliotti.
    Classic epidemiology of lung cancer
    Tobacco control and primary prevention
    Assessing and treating tobacco use in lung cancer care
    Lung cancer in never-smokers : a different disease
    Gender-related differences in lung cancer
    Genetic susceptibility to lung cancer
    Screening for lung cancer
    Preclinical biomarkers for the early detection of lung cancer
    Chemoprevention of lung cancer and management of early lung cancer
    Copy number abnormalities and gene fusions in lung cancer : present and developing technologies
    Mutational events in lung cancer : present and developing technologies
    Epigenetic events in lung cancer : chromatin remodeling and DNA methylation
    Stem cells and lung cancer : in vitro and in vivo studies
    Microenvironment and lung cancer
    Micrornas as biomarkers for lung cancer
    Humoral and cellular immune dysregulation and lung cancer
    Classic anatomic pathology and lung cancer
    Molecular testing in lung cancer
    Management of small histologic and cytologic specimens in the molecular era
    Clinical presentation and prognostic factors in lung cancer
    Conventional imaging of lung cancer
    Positron emission tomography imaging of lung cancer
    Diagnostic workup for suspected lung cancer confined to the chest
    Preoperative and intraoperative invasive staging of the mediastinum
    The eighth edition of the tumor, node, and metastasis classification of lung cancer
    Preoperative functional evaluation of the surgical candidate
    Results of video-assisted techniques for resection of lung cancer
    Robotic surgery : techniques and results for resection of lung cancer
    Extent of surgical resection for stage i and ii lung cancer
    Extended resections for lung cancer : chest wall and pancoast tumors
    Extended resections for lung cancer : bronchovascular sleeve resections
    Multiple nodules : management of synchronous and metachronous lung cancers
    Surgical management of patients considered marginally resectable
    Technical requirements for lung cancer radiotherapy
    Radiobiology of lung cancer
    Patient selection for radiotherapy
    Stage i nonsmall cell lung cancer and oligometastatic disease
    Ablation options for localized nonsmall cell lung cancer
    Radiotherapy for locally advanced nonsmall cell lung cancer including combined modality
    Radiotherapy in the management of small cell lung cancer : thoracic radiotherapy, prophylactic cranial irradiation
    Palliative radiotherapy for lung cancer
    Acute and late toxicities of thoracic radiotherapy : pulmonary, esophagus, and heart
    Neurotoxicity related to radiotherapy and chemotherapy for nonsmall cell and small cell lung cancer
    Frontline systemic therapy options in nonsmall cell lung cancer
    Systemic options for second-line therapy and beyond
    Maintenance chemotherapy for nonsmall cell lung cancer
    Pharmacogenomics in lung cancer : predictive biomarkers for chemotherapy
    New targets for therapy in lung cancer
    Management of toxicities of targeted therapies
    Immunotherapy and lung cancer
    Adjuvant and neoadjuvant chemotherapy for early-stage nonsmall cell lung cancer
    Treatment of extensive-stage small cell lung cancer
    Malignant mesothelioma
    Mediastinal tumors
    Neuroendocrine tumors of the lung other than small cell lung cancer
    Thymic tumors
    Lung cancer emergencies
    The role of palliative care in lung cancer
    Clinical trial methodology in lung cancer : study design and end-point considerations
    How to promote and organize clinical research in lung cancer
    The role of advocacy groups in lung cancer
    The role of health services research in improving the outcomes for patients with lung cancer.
    Digital Access ClinicalKey 2018