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    edited by M.D. Aljurf, E. Gluckman, C. Dufour.
    Epidemiology of acquired bone marrow failure / F. Grmaldi, S. Gandhi, A.M. Risitano -- Pathophysiology of acquired bone marrow failure / K. Hosokawa, P. Scheinberg, N.S. Young -- Diagnosis of acquired aplastic anemia / A. Rovó, C. Dufour, A. Tichelli -- Acquired overlap bone marrow failure disorders / J.R. Passweg -- Supportive care in aplastic anemia / B. Höchsmann, H. Schrezenbeier -- Immunosupportive therapy for aplastic anemia / J.C.W. Marsh, S. Gandhi, G.J. Mufti -- Identical sibling donor transplantation / G. Aldawsari, H. Alzahrani, M.D. Aljurf -- Unrelated donor transplants for acquired aplastic anemia / A. Bacigalupo, S. Sica, M.T. Van Lint, C. Dufour -- Umbilical cord blood transplantation for patients with acquired and inherited bone marrow failure syndromes on behalf of eurocord / E. Gluckman, A. Ruggeri, R. Peffault De Latour -- Haploidentical transplantation / F. Ciceri, M.T.L. Stanghellini -- Management of acquired aplastic anemia in children / C Dufour, S. Samarasinghe, M. Miano -- Treatment of elderly patients with aplastic anemia / A. Tichelli, A. Rovó, J.C.W. Marsh -- Emerging new therapies for acquired bone marrow failure disorders / A.M. Risitano, R. Peffault De Latour -- Bone marrow failure in paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria / R. Peffault De Latour, A.M. Risitano -- Telomere biology and disease / J.N. Cooper, N.S. Young -- Fanconi anemia / R. Peffault De Latour, A.M. Risitano, E. Gluckman -- Ribosomopathies and the quality control of ribosome assembly / A.J. Warren -- Dyskeratosis congenita / M. Ayas, S.O. Ahmed -- Amegakaryocytic thrombocytopenia / D. Meyran, T. Leblanc, S. Giraudier, J.H. Dalle -- Severe congenital neutropenias and other rare inherited disorders with marrow failure / F. Fioredda, P. Farruggia, M. Miano, C. Dufour -- Bone marrow failure syndroms in children / S. Elmahdi, S. Kojima.
    Digital Access  ScienceDirect 2017