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    Prashant Natarajan, John C. Frenzel, Detlev H. Smaltz.
    Chapter 1. Introduction / Herb Smaltz
    chapter 2. Healthcare and the big data V's / Prashant Natarajan
    chapter 3. Big data : how to get started / John Frenzel
    chapter 4. Big data : challenges / John Frenzel
    chapter 5. Best practices : separating myth from reality / Prashant Natarajan
    chapter 6. Big data advanced topics / John Frenzel and Herb Smaltz
    chapter 7. Applied machine learning for healthcare / Prashant Natarajan and Bob Rogers
    Introduction to case studies / Prashant Natarajan
    Penn medicine : precision medicine and big data / Brian Wells
    Ascension : our advanced analytics journey / Tony Byram
    University of Texas MD Anderson : streaming analytics / John Frenzel
    US health insurance organization : financial reporting analytics with big data / Marc Perlman, Larry Manno, and Shalin Saini
    CIAPM : California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine / Elizabeth
    University of California San Francisco : AI for imaging of neurological emergencies / Pratik Mukherjee
    BayCare health system : actionable, agile analytics using data variety / Apparsamy (Balaji) Balaji
    Arterys : deep learning for medical imaging / Carla Leibowitz
    Big data technical glossary / Shalin Saini.
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