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    edited by Areej Hassan, MD, MPH.
    Determinants of dietary behavior among youth : an umbrella review / Ester F.C. Sleddens, Willemieke Kroeze, Leonie F.M. Kohl, Laura M. Bolten, Elizabeth Velema, Pam J. Kaspers, Johannes Brug, and Stef P.J. Kremers -- Dietary intake of children participating in the USDA summer food service program / Betty Del Rio-Rodriguez and Karen W. Cullen -- Parental feeding practices and child weight status in Mexican American families : a longitudinal analysis / Jeanne M. Tschann, Suzanna M. Martinez, Carlos Penilla, Steven E. Gregorich, Lauri A. Pasch, Cynthia L. De Groat, Elena Flores, Julianna Deardorff, Louise C. Greenspan, and Nancy F. Butte -- Development of the general parenting observational scale to assess parenting during family meals / Kyung E Rhee, Susan Dickstein, Elissa Jelalian, Kerri Boutelle, Ronald Seifer, and Rena Wing -- Mealtime behavior among siblings and body mass index of 4-8 year olds : a videotaped observational study / Rana H. Mosli, Alison L. Miller, Niko Kaciroti, Karen E. Peterson, Katherine Rosenblum, Ana Baylin, and Julie C. Lumeng -- Frequency and socio-demographic correlates of eating meals out and take-away meals at home : cross-sectional analysis of the UK national diet and nutrition survey, waves 1-4 (2008-12) / Jean Adams, Louis Goffe, Tamara Brown, Amelia A. Lake, Carolyn Summerbell, Martin White, Wendy Wrieden, and Ashley J. Adamson -- Feeding practices of low-income mothers : how do they compare to current recommendations? / Thomas G. Power, Sheryl O. Hughes, L. Suzanne Goodell, Susan L. Johnson, J. Andrea Jaramillo Duran, Kimberly Williams, Ashley D. Beck, and Leslie A. Frankel -- Overweight among students aged 11-15 years and its relationship with breakfast, area of residence and parents' education : results from the Italian HBSC 2010 cross-sectional study / Giacomo Lazzeri, Mariano Vincenzo Giacchi, Angela Spinelli, Andrea Pammolli, Paola Dalmasso, Paola Nardone, Anna Lamberti, and Franco Cavallo -- Maternal educational level and children's healthy eating behaviour : role of the home food environment (cross-sectional results from the inpact study) / Wilke J.C. Van Ansem, Carola T.M. Schrijvers, Gerda Rodenburg, and Dike Van De Mheen -- A pilot study of a pictorial bilingual nutrition education game to improve the consumption of healthful foods in a head start population / Veronica Piziak -- Blending better beverage options : a nutrition education and experiential workshop for youths / Kathy K. Isoldi and Veronika Dolar -- Self-regulation and the management of childhood obesity / Moria Golan and Rachel Bachner-Melman -- Weight self-regulation process in adolescence : the relationship between control weight attitudes, behaviors, and body weight status / Jordi Pich, Maria del Mar Bibiloni, Antoni Pons, and Josep A. Tur -- The role of self-regulating abilities in long-term weight loss in severely obese children and adolescents undergoing intensive combined lifestyle interventions (HELIOS) : rationale, design, and methods / Jutka Halberstadt, Sabine Makkes, Emely de Vet, Anita Jansen, Chantal Nederkoorn, Olga H. van der Baan-Slootweg, and Jacob C. Seidell -- Enhancing self-regulation as a strategy for obesity prevention in head start preschoolers : the growing healthy study / Alison L. Miller, Mildred A. Horodynski, Holly E. Brophy Herb, Karen E. Peterson, Dawn Contreras, Niko Kaciroti, Julie Staples-Watson, and Julie C. Lumeng.
    Digital Access  TandFonline 2017