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    [edited by] K.B. Harikumar.
    Prostate cancer: an introduction / Manendra Babu L., Yadu Vijayan, and K.B. Harikumar -- Global epidemiology of prostate cancer / Girish Sharma, Apoorva Arora, and Sudhir Rawal -- Medicinal plants with anticancer activity against prostate cancer: compilation of data published between 2010-2015 / Roland Hardman -- Triterpenoids and sesquiterpenoids for prostate cancer therapy / Muthu K. Shanmugam, Frank Arfuso, Alan Prem Kumar, and Gautam Sethi -- Green tea polyphenols in the prevention and therapy of prostate cancer / Eswar Shankar, Jeniece Montellano, and Sanjay Gupta -- Plumbagin and prostate cancer therapy / Reshma R.S., Revathy Nadhan, and Priya Srinivas -- Neem and prostate cancer therapy / Krishna Vanaja Donkena and Charles Y.F. Young -- Kava in prostate cancer prevention and treatment / Arman Walia, Nikta Rezakahn Khajeh, Michael Wu, Cyrus Khoyilar, and Xiaolin Zi -- Bitter melon extract and prostate cancer therapy / Ratna B. Ray and Sourav Bhattacharya -- Prostate cancer and the therapeutic potential of pomegranate / Omran Karmach, Manuela Martins-Green -- Zyflamend and prostate cancer therapy / Jay Whelan, Yi Zhao, E-Chu Huang, and Dallas Donohoe -- Scientific evaluation of the polyphenol rich whole food supplement Pomi-T® / Robert Thomas -- Approach of Ayurveda to prostate cancer / Vaishali Kuchewar -- Siddha medicine for prostate cancer / S. Selvarajan, T. Anandan, A. Rajendra Kumar, S. Syed Hissar, V. Gayathri Devi, and M. Srinivasan -- Homeopathic medicine for prostate health / Christopher Funes and Hakima Amri -- Yoga, naturopathy, acupuncture and prostate cancer therapy / Athira Thampi.
    Digital Access  TandFonline 2017