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    volume editor, Gabriel Coscas ; co-editors, Anat Loewenstein, José Cunha-Vaz, Gisèle Soubrane.
    Macular edema : definition and basic concepts / Coscas, Gabriel; Cunha-Vaz, José; Soubrane, Gisèle -- Mechanisms of retinal fluid accumulation and blood-retinal barrier breakdown / Cunha-Vaz, José -- Intracellular edema / Narayanan, Raja; Kuppermann, Baruch D -- Central serous chorioretinopathy / Daruich, Alejandra; Matet, Alexandre; Behar-Cohen, Francine -- Diagnosis and detection / Staurenghi, Giovanni; Pellegrini, Marco; Invernizzi, Alessandro; Preziosa, Chiara -- Optical coherence tomography angiography in macular edema / Lupidi, Marco; Coscas, Florence; Cagini, Carlo; Coscas, Gabriel -- Macular edema : rationale for therapy / Wolfensberger, Thomas J -- Drug delivery to the posterior segment of the eye / Moisseiev, Elad; Loewenstein, Anat -- Diabetic macular edema / Bandello, Francesco; Battaglia Parodi, Maurizio; Lanzetta, Paolo; Loewenstein, Anat; Massin, Pascale; Menchini, Francesca; Veritti, Daniele Retinal Vein Occlusions / Jonas, Jost; Monés, Jordi; Glacet-Bernard, Agnès; Coscas, Gabriel -- Insights into the physiopathology of inflammatory macular edema / de Smet, Marc D. -- Postsurgical cystoid macular edema / Zur, Dinah; Loewenstein, Anat -- Retinitis pigmentosa and other dystrophies / Mrejen, Sarah; Audo, Isabelle; Bonnel, Sébastien; Sahel, José-Alain -- Macular edema of choroidal origin / Soubrane, Gisèle -- Miscellaneous / Creuzot-Garcher, Catherine.
    Digital Access  Karger 2017