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    Klaus Wolff, Richard Allen Johnson, Arturo P. Saavedra, Ellen K. Roh.
    Part I: Disorders presenting in the skin and mucous membranes. Disorders of sebaceous, eccrine and apocrine glands
    Psoriasis, psoriasiform, and pityriasiform dermatoses
    Miscellaneous epidermal disorders
    Genetic and acquired bullous diseases
    Neutrophil-mediated diseases
    The acutely ill and hospitalized patient
    Benign neoplasms and hyperplasias
    Photosensitivity, photo-induced disorders, and disorders by ionizing radiation
    Precancerous lesions and cutaneous carcinomas
    Melanoma precursors and primary cutaneous melanoma
    Pigmentary disorders
    Part II: Dermatology and internal medicine. The skin in immune, autoimmune, autoinflammatory, and rheumatic disorders
    Endocrine, metabolic, and nutritional diseases
    Genetic diseases
    Skin signs of vascular insufficiency
    Skin signs of renal insufficiency
    Skin signs of systemic cancers
    Skin signs of hematologic disease
    Cutaneous lymphomas and sarcoma
    Skin diseases in organ and bone marrow transplantation
    Adverse cutaneous drug reactions
    Disorders of psychiatric etiology
    Part III: Diseases caused by microbial agents. Bacterial colonizations and infections of skin and soft tissues
    Fungal infections of the skin, hair, and nails
    Viral diseases of skin and mucosa
    Arthropod bites, stings, and cutaneous infestations
    Systemic parasitic infections
    Sexually transmitted diseases
    Part IV: Skin signs of hair, nail, and mucosal disorders. Disorders of hair follicles and related disorders
    Disorders of the nail apparatus
    Disorders of the mouth
    Disorders of the genitalia, perineum, and anus
    Generalized pruritus without skin lesions (pruritus sine materia)
    Appendices. Differential diagnosis of pigmented lesions
    Drug use in pregnancy
    Dermatologic manifestations of diseases inflicted by biologic warfare/bioterrorism
    Chemical bioterrorism and industrial accidents.
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