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    edited by Deirdre A. Kelly.
    Digital : Wiley2017
    Understanding the Liver. Structure, Function, and Repair of the Liver / Christoph Leiskau, Ulrich Baumann -- Liver Pathology in Children / Rachel M Brown -- Liver Immunology and Its Application in Diseases / Hannah C Jeffery, Kathryn Stirling, Ye Htun Oo -- Molecular Genetics and Liver Disease / Paul Gissen -- Investigating the Liver. Useful Investigations in the Assessment of Liver Disease / Way S Lee, Deirdre A Kelly -- Supporting the Child and Family. The Role of the Multidisciplinary Team / Lindsay Hogg -- The Role of the Dietitian / Sara Clarke, Kelly Guthrie -- The Role of the Psychologist / Jacqueline Blyth -- Liver Disease in Pregnancy. The Effects of Liver Disease in Pregnancy on Mother and Child / Jane Hartley, Hanns-Ulrich Marschall -- Liver Disease in Infancy. The Jaundiced Baby / Jane Hartley -- The Acutely Ill Baby / Patrick J McKiernan -- Neonatal Hemochromatosis / Amy G Feldman, Estella M Alonso, Peter F Whitington -- Liver Disease in Older Children. Autoimmune Liver Disease / Giorgina Mieli-Vergani, Diego Vergani -- Drug-Induced Liver Disease / Noelle H Ebel, Karen F Murray -- Viral Hepatitis / Mona Abdel-Hady, C Y William Tong -- Congenital and Structural Abnormalities of the Liver / Larissa Kerecuk, Patrick J McKiernan -- Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis in Childhood / Claudia Della Corte, Antonella Mosca, Vincenzina Lucidi, Arianna Alterio, Valerio Nobili -- Hepatobiliary Disease in Cystic Fibrosis / Carla Colombo, Dominique Debray -- Acute Liver Disease. Non-Viral Infectious Liver Disease / Samantha M Lissauer, Shiva Ramroop -- Acute Liver Failure / Estella M Alonso, Robert H Squires -- Metabolic Liver Disease. Metabolic Liver Disease in the Infant and Older Child / Anupam Chakrapani, Paul Gissen -- Disorders of Copper Metabolism / Thomas Müller, Stuart Tanner -- Management of Chronic Liver Disease. Complications and Management of Chronic Liver Disease / Noelle H Ebel, Simon P Horslen -- The Liver and Other Organs. The Liver in Systemic Illness / Sue V Beath -- Skin Disorders in Liver Disease / Indra D M Mourik, Malobi I Ogboli, Michelle Thomson -- Dental Care of Children with Liver Disease / Marie Therese Hosey, Victoria Clark -- Surgical Disorders of the Liver and Bile Ducts. Biliary Atresia and Other Causes of Surgical Jaundice in Infancy / Erica Makin, Mark Davenport -- Liver Trauma in Children / A B As, Alastair J W Millar -- Surgical Management of Portal Hypertension / Jean Ville de Goyet -- Primary Hepatic Tumors / Bruce Morland, Khalid Sharif -- Disorders of the Pancreas / Heiko Witt, Narendra Battula, Darius Mirza -- Transplantation. Anesthesia and Intensive Care in Pediatric Liver Disease / Peter Bromley, James Bennett, Richard Neal -- Liver Transplantation / Deirdre A Kelly, Paolo Muiesan -- Small-Bowel Transplantation in Children / Girish L Gupte, George Mazariegos -- Combined Liver and Kidney Transplantation / Thamara Perera, David V Milford -- Liver Disease Around the World. Liver Disease in the Developing World / Vidyut Bhatia, Wafa'a Al-Qabandi, Elizabeth Goddard, Seng Hock Quak, Anupam Sibal -- Pediatric Liver Disease in Adult Life. Transition to Adult Care / Jo Wray, Jessica Wright -- Pediatric Liver Disease / James Ferguson.