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    edited by Michael P. Goodman.
    Genital plastics : the history of development / Michael P. Goodman, with contributions from David Matlock
    Anatomic considerations / Orawee Chinthakanan, Robert D. Moore, John R. Miklos
    Definitions / Michael P. Goodman
    Philosophy, rationale, and patient selection / Michael P. Goodman
    Ethical considerations of female genital plastic/cosmetic surgery / Andrew T. Goldstein, Sarah L. Jutrzonka
    Patient protection and pre-operative assessment / Michael P. Goodman
    Surgical procedures I : vulva and mons pubis / Michael P. Goodman, with contributions from David Matlock, Alex Simopoulos, Bernard W. Stern, Otto J. Placik
    Surgical procedures II : perineoplasty, vaginoplasty, colpoperineoplasty ("vaginal rejuvenation") / Robert D. Moore, John R. Miklos, Orawee Chinthakanan
    The biomechanics and physiology of clitoral and vaginally activated orgasm : impact of vaginal tightening operations / Michael P. Goodman
    The G-spot / Dudley Robinson, Linda Cardozo
    Post-operative care / Michael P. Goodman
    Aesthetic male-to-female transsexual surgery / Marci Bowers
    Anesthetic choices and office based surgery / Michael P. Goodman
    Non-surgical cosmetic vulvo-vaginal procedures / Gustavo Leibaschoff, Pablo Gonzalez Isaza
    Surgical risks and untoward outcomes / Otto J. Placik
    Revisions and re-operations / Michael P. Goodman
    Psychosexual issues / Michael P. Goodman
    Outcomes / Michael P. Goodman
    Pearls for practice / Michael P. Goodman
    Standards of care / Michael P. Goodman.
    Digital Access Wiley 2016