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    [edited by] Arun J. Sanyal, Thomas D. Boyer, Norah A. Terrault, Keith D. Lindor.
    Anatomy and cellular functions of the liver -- Bile acids and bile flow : new functions of old molecules -- Intestinal microbiome and the liver -- The liver as an immune organ -- The liver's response to injury : inflammation and fibrosis -- Stem cells and hepatocyte transplantation -- Approach to jaundice and abnormal liver function test results -- Noninvasive assessment of disease progression -- Molecular and genetics-based diagnostics -- Imaging in assessment of liver disease and lesions -- Evaluation of the hepatic mass -- Assessment of liver histology -- Critical care management of patients with liver disease -- Neurologic consequences of liver disease -- Ascites and hyponatremia -- Portal hypertension related to bleeding -- Renal failure in cirrhosis -- Cardiopulmonary complications of cirrhosis -- The hemostatic and hematopoietic system in liver disease -- Acute liver failure -- Acute-on-chronic liver failure -- Epidemiology and pathogenesis of alcoholic liver disease -- Natural history and cofactors of alcoholic liver disease -- Prevention and management of alcoholic liver disease -- Pathogenesis of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease -- Epidemiology, natural history, and evaluation of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease -- Management of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and metabolic syndrome -- Virology and pathogenesis of hepatitis C -- Epidemiology, natural history, and diagnosis of hepatitis C -- Treatment of hepatitis C -- Virology and pathogenesis of hepatitis B -- Epidemiology, diagnosis, and natural history of hepatitis B -- Treatment of hepatitis B -- Hepatitis D -- Hepatitis A -- Hepatitis E -- HIV and the liver -- Liver disease associated with systemic viral infection -- Parasitic liver disease -- Bacterial and miscellaneous infections of the liver -- Autoimmune hepatitis -- Primary biliary cholangitis -- Primary and secondary sclerosing cholangitis -- Budd-Chiari syndrome and sinusoidal obstruction syndrome -- Portal and splenic vein thrombosis -- Hepatocellular carcinoma -- Cholangiocarcinoma -- Other malignant hepatic tumors -- Benign liver tumors -- Pretransplant evaluation and care -- Transplantation of the liver -- Post--liver transplant management -- Recurrent primary disease after liver transplantation -- The liver in pregnancy -- Nutrition and the liver -- Drug-induced liver injury -- Preoperative and postoperative hepatic dysfunctions -- Bilirubin metabolism and its disorders -- Wilson disease -- Hemochromatosis -- Α1 -antitrypsin deficiency -- Approach to and evaluation of metabolic liver diseases -- Pediatric cholestatic syndromes -- Fibrocystic diseases of the liver -- Viral hepatitis in children.
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