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    Anthony C. Hackney, editor.
    Summary: It is well-established, through extensive peer-reviewed published research, that physical activity and exercise training can impact the reproductive endocrine system of women. This ground-breaking, comprehensive title presents a range of unique insights into the opposite question: how the reproductive endocrine system of women affects their exercise ability. More precisely, the thematic question explored in this work is: if exercise affects reproductive hormones, conversely then could the reproductive hormones have physiological effects unrelated to reproduction that influence the capacity of women to exercise? In exploring this question, the goal is to better understand the unique physiology of women and whether female sex hormones might account for some of the variance in physiological performance between amenorrheic and eumenorrheic women, and within women across the age span as they experience menarche to menopause. Sex Hormones, Exercise and Women: Scientific and Clinical Aspects synthesizes the research by exploring the physiology and psychology behind these occurrences. This novel title will not only be of interest to researchers, exercise scientists, graduate students, and clinicians; it will also serve as a source of valuable information for female athletes and their trainers in the context of preparing for competitions.

    Ch1: The Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Ovarian Axis and Oral Contraceptives: Regulation and Function
    Ch2: Sex Hormones and Their Impact on the Ventilatory Responses to Exercise and the Environment
    Ch3: Sex Hormones and Substrate Metabolism During Endurance Exercise
    Ch4: Sex Hormone Effects on the Nervous System and their Impact on Muscle Strength and Motor Performance in Women
    Ch5: Estrogen and Menopause: Muscle Damage, Repair and Function in Females
    Ch6: Nutritional Strategies and Sex Hormone Interactions Within Women
    Ch7: The Effect of Sex Hormones on Ligament Structure, Joint Stability and ACL Injury Risk
    Ch8: Sex Hormones and Physical Activity in Women: An Evolutionary Framework
    Ch9: Sex Hormones and Environmental Factors Affecting Exercise
    Ch10: Exercise, Depression? Anxiety Disorders and Sex Hormones
    Ch11: Stress Reactivity and Exercise in Women
    Ch12: Sex Hormones, Cancer & Exercise Training in Women
    Ch13: The Effects of Acute Exercise on Physiological Sexual Arousal in Women
    Ch14: Sex Hormones, Menstrual Cycle, and Resistance Exercise
    Ch15: Effects of Sex Hormones and Exercise on Adipose Tissue
    Ch16: Exercise in Menopausal Women.
    Digital Access Springer 2017