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    Andor W.J.M. Glaudemans, Jitze Medema, Annie K. van Zanten, Rudi A.J.O. Dierckx, editors ; C.T.B. (Kees) Ahaus, guest editor.
    Summary: This comprehensive textbook provides a state of the art overview of the means by which quality in patient care is ensured within the field of nuclear medicine. Acknowledged experts in the field cover both management aspects, such as laws, standards, guidelines, patient safety, management instruments, and organisations, and specific issues, including radiation safety and equipment. Quality in Nuclear Medicine not only presents detailed information on the topics discussed but should also stimulate further discussion and offer an important tool to all professionals in the field of nuclear medicine and their stakeholders. Readers will find that the book provides a wealth of excellent guidance and reflects the pioneering role of nuclear medicine in advancing different aspects of quality within medicine.

    Part 1 Laws, standard and guidelines: From ISO to ISO HealthCare
    Good Clinical Practice (GCP)-ICH and scientific integrity
    Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)/Farmacopee
    Relation between different societies in relation to guidelines (Dutch Society of Nuclear Medicine, EANM, SNM)
    KEW/Euratom (in Europe and internationally)
    Wet op de dierproeven (internationally)
    International laws (e.g. Registration laws of clinicians, farmacists etc)
    Privacy laws
    Contract research and investigator driven research
    Part 2 Radiation safety: Environment
    Personnel and public people
    Waste management/Decommissioning of the cyclotron
    Terroristic threats
    Part 3: Equipment: Medical devices
    PET/CT and image quality
    Micro SPECT/PET
    Service quality, periodic measurements
    Data management/ computer aided diagnostics/Expert systems
    Part 4: Management instruments : EFQM
    HTA/HFMEA/Risk management systems
    Quality controls of cameras
    Quality aspects in daily management in nuclear medicine
    No shows with particular emphasis on nuclear medicine
    Part 5: Organisations: Medical Ethical Committees and nuclear medicine
    Animal Ethical Committees and nuclear medicine
    Quality visits
    the Dutch example (Dutch Society of Nuclear Medicine)
    Quality visits
    the EANM example
    Quality visits
    the SNM example
    School for Nuclear Medicine
    Digital Access Springer 2017