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    Monika Warmuth-Metz.
    Summary: This book describes the features in structural imaging of the most important pediatric brain tumors with the aim of enabling radiologists to make the correct differential diagnosis and to provide the pediatric oncologist with all the imaging information relevant to further management. The opening chapter is devoted to the complex subject of pediatric trials at the national and international levels and the importance of staging for stratification, differential treatment, and outcome. A general imaging protocol for children with brain tumors is presented, and individual chapters then identify key points for the differential diagnosis and staging of posterior fossa tumors, low- and high-grade gliomas, germ cell tumors, and craniopharyngiomas. The relevance of aspects such as tumor site and age to diagnosis is explained, and pitfalls associated with meningeal dissemination and treatment-related complications mimicking recurrence are highlighted. The importance of ensuring comparability of follow-up by use of standard MR (or CT) imaging is emphasized. In drawing on the lessons gained both from pediatric trials and from the author's own experience, this book will be invaluable for all radiologists.

    The Impact Of Staging Examinations In Children And Adolescents With Brain Tumor Stefan Rutkowski
    Structure Of The Pediatric Competence Network Of The German Gpoh (Society Of Pediatric Oncology And Hematology) Monika Warmuth-Metz
    Imaging Differential Diagnosis Of Pediatric Cns Tumors Monika Warmuth-Metz
    Imaging Guidelines For Pediatric Brain Tumor Patients.
    Digital Access Springer 2017