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    Xiangdong Wang, Dragos Cretoiu, editors.
    The history of telocyte discovery and understanding / Jian Wang, Meiling Jin, Wen-huan Ma, Zhitu Zhu, Xiangdong Wang
    Decoding telocytes / Junjie Xiao, Yihua Bei
    Extracellular microvesicles (EXMVs) in cell to cell communication: a role of telocytes / Mariusz Z. Ratajczak, Daniel Ratajczak, Daniel Pedziwiatr
    Telocytes in chronic inflammatory and fibrotic diseases / Lidia Ibba-Manneschi, Irene Rosa, Mirko Manetti
    Telocytes: new players in gallstone disease / Artur Pasternak, Krzysztof Gil, Andrzej Matyja
    Features of telocytes in agricultural animals / Ping Yang, Nisar Ahmed, Shakeeb Ullah, Qiusheng Chen, Yonghua Zheng
    The telocyte subtypes / Maria-Giuliana Vannucchi, Maria-Simonetta Faussone-Pellegrini
    Telocytes in cardiac tissue architecture and development / Daniele Bani
    The potential role of telocytes for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine / Raymund E. Horch, Annika Weigand, Justus P. Beier, Andreas Arkudas, Anja M. Boos
    Presence of telocytes in a non-innervated organ: the placenta / Cleofina Bosco, Eugenia Díaz
    Telocytes in exocrine glands stroma / Mihnea Ioan Nicolescu
    Telocyte behaviour during inflammation, repair and tumour stroma formation / L. Díaz-Flores, R. Gutiérrez, M. González-Gómez, L. Díaz-Flores Jr, F. Valladares [and others]
    Paracrine signaling in the prostatic stroma: a novel role for the telocytes revealed in rodents' ventral prostate / Bruno D. A. Sanches, Lara S. Corradi, Patricia S. L. Vilamaior, Sebastião R. Taboga
    Primary extragastrointestinal stromal tumours in the hepatobiliary tree and telocytes / Somanath Padhi, Hemanta Kumar Nayak
    Cardiac telocytes in regeneration of myocardium after myocardial infarction / Liao Zhaofu, Cai Dongqing
    Myocardial telocytes: a new player in electric circuitry of the heart / Winston Shim
    Roles of telocytes in the development of angiogenesis / Yonghua Zheng, Xiangdong Wang,
    Telocytes in inflammatory gynaecologic diseases and infertility / Xiao-Jun Yang
    Electrophysiological features of telocytes / Daniel Dumitru Banciu, Adela Banciu, Beatrice Mihaela Radu
    The cutaneous telocytes / Catalin G. Manole, Olga Simionescu,
    The third dimension of telocytes revealed by fib-sem tomography / Dragos Cretoiu
    Immunohistochemistry of telocytes in the uterus and fallopian tubes / Sanda Maria Cretoiu
    A tale of two cells: telocyte and stem cell unique relationship / Zeinab M. El Maadawi
    Vascular telocytes / Hongqi Zhang
    Juxtacerebral tissue regeneration potential: telocytes contribution / Laura Cristina Ceafalan, Bogdan Ovidiu Popescu
    Telocytes of fascial structures / Joanna Dawidowicz, Natalia Matysiak, Sylwia Szotek, Krzysztof Maksymowicz
    Hepatic telocytes / Yingying Zhao, Xiaoyu Chen, Fei Wang, Changqing Yang.
    Digital Access Springer 2016