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    Maria Carmen Garganese, Giovanni Francesco Livio D'Errico, editors.
    Part I. General Considerations
    1. Managemetn of the pediatric patient: a teamwork
    2. Radiation risk
    Part II. Clinical Pediatric Practice
    3. Focus on children with nephrological and urological problems
    4. Hydronephrosis
    5. Megaureter
    6. Nephrourology: vesicoureteral reflux
    7. Nephrourology: nephrological problems
    8. Nephrourology: urinary tract infections
    9. Nephrourology: focus on child with bladder dysfunctions and urodynamics
    10. Nephrourology: bladder dysfunctions
    11. Oncology
    12. Oncology: solid mass in pediatrics and malignant bone involvement
    13. Oncology: neuroblastoma
    14. Gastroenterology: focus on children with gastrointestinal problems
    15. Gastroenterology: gastric emptying- gastroesophageal reflux
    16. Gastroenterology: intestinal bleeding
    17. Gastroeneterology: bronchoaspiration: neurological child
    18. Gastroenterology: focus on children with liver problems
    19. Gastroenterology: biliary atresia, choledochal cyst, cystic fibrosis
    20. Rheumatology
    21. Benign skeletal disease: bone infection and inflammation
    22. Endocrinology
    23. Endocrinology: thyroid carcinoma
    24. Endocrinology: congenital hypothyroidism
    25. Endocrinology: hyperparathyroidism
    26. Benign skeletal disease
    27. Bronchopneumology.
    Digital Access Springer 2017