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    Christopher R. Chapple, Alan J. Wein, Nadir I. Osman, editors.
    Summary: In this book, the authors look at the field of underactive bladder and its presentation, clinical diagnosis, potential etiopathogenesis and treatment. While the editors address a great deal of background information, they clearly identify that many limitations still exist to clinical diagnosis and urodynamic evaluation, and in particular a dearth of appropriate treatment options. This complex condition needs to be recognized and identified in the routine evaluation and clinical management of patients.

    1. Pathophysiology and Associations
    2. Non-invasive diagnostics for Detrusor underactivity/Underactive bladder
    3. Invasive Diagnostic Tests
    4. Epidemiology of Underactive Bladder
    5. Indications For Treatment
    6. Pharmacologic Treatment of Underactive Bladder
    7. Surgical Treatment : Outlet Reduction, Men and Women
    8. Neurostimulation and Neuromodulation for the Treatment for the Underactive Bladder
    9. Reduction Cystoplasty
    10. Bladder Wrap Procedures
    11. Tissue Engineering and cell therapy for underactive bladder: current and future approaches
    12. Reflections and the Way Forward.
    Digital Access Springer 2017