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    Alan S. Maisel, Allan S. Jaffe, editors.
    Part I. Ischemic Heart Disease
    1. Pre-analytical factors and analytical issues affecting interpretation of cardiovascular biomarkers
    2. Troponin basics for clinicians
    3. Unique aspects of high sensitivity assays: what are they, why do we need them, and how do we use them?
    4. Evaluation of patients presenting with chest pain in the emergency department: where do troponins fit in?
    5. Using cardiac troponins in patients with acute myocardial infarction
    6. What is a Type 2 myocardial infaction: how is it recognized and what should one do to establish that diagnosis?
    7. Use of cardiac troponin in patients with heart failure
    8. Elevated cTn in other acute situations such as atrial fibrillation, sepsis, respiratory failure, and gastrointestinal bleeding
    9. Use of cTn for detection of more chronic disease states
    10. Use of high-sensitive cTn assays for the evaluation of patients potentially at risk for cardiovascular disease
    11. Other biomarkers in acute coronary syndrome
    12. Newer lipid markers: apolipoprotein B, LDL particle concentration, and triglyceride-rich lipoproteins, when are they needed?
    Part II. Heart Failure
    12. Natriuretic peptides: physiology for the clinician
    14. Natriuretic peptides: basic analytic considerations
    15. Natriuretic peptide use in screening in the community
    16. Natriuretic peptide use in the emergency department
    17. Heart failure: natriuretic peptide use in the hospital
    18. Natriuretic peptide guided therapy in outpatient heart failure management
    19. Caveats using natriuretic peptide levels
    20. Gaps in our biomarker armamentarium: what novel biomarkers might be synergistic in patients with acute disease
    21. Biomarkers in heart failure: ST2
    22. Biomarkers in heart failure: procalcitonin
    23. Novel biomarkers in heart failure: adrenomedullin and proenkephalin
    24. Biomarkers in specific disease states: cardio-oncology
    25. Biomarkers of sarcopenia and mitochondrial dysfunction
    26. Biomarkers in arrhythmias, sudden death, and device therapy
    27. Biomarkers in cardio-renal dysfunction
    28. Biomarkers in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
    Digital Access Springer 2016