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    [edited by] Scott R. Lambert, Christopher J. Lyons.
    A history of pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus -- Epidemiology and the worldwide impact of visual impairment in children -- Clinical embryology and development of the eye -- Developmental biology of the eye -- Clinical aspects of normal and abnormal visual development and delayed visual maturation -- Milestones and normative data -- Examination, history and special tests in pediatric ophthalmology -- Managing refractive errors in children -- Visual electrophysiology : how it can help you and your patient -- Imaging the child's eye, orbit, and visual pathways -- Genetics and pediatric ophthalmology -- Congenital infections of the eye -- Conjunctivitis of the newborn -- Preseptal and orbital cellulitis -- Endophthalmitis -- External eye disease and the oculocutaneous disorders -- Ocular manifestations of hiv/aids in children -- Disorders of the eye as a whole -- Lids : congenital and acquired abnormalities ? practical management -- Lid and orbital infantile periocular hemangiomas (capillary hemangiomas) and other vascular diseases -- Lacrimal system -- The management of orbital disease in children -- Neurogenic tumors -- Orbital rhabdomyosarcoma -- Other mesenchymal abnormalities -- Metastatic, secondary and lacrimal gland tumors -- Histiocytic, hematopoietic, and lymphoproliferative disorders -- Craniofacial abnormalities -- Cystic lesions and ectopias -- Inflammatory disorders -- Conjunctiva and subconjunctival tissue -- Conjunctival tumors -- Anterior segment developmental anomalies including aniridia -- Corneal abnormalities in childhood -- Corneal dystrophies -- The lens -- Childhood cataracts -- Childhood glaucoma -- Pediatric iris disorders -- Uveitis -- Albinism -- Vitreous -- Retinoblastoma -- Retinopathy of prematurity -- Current treatment of retinopathy of prematurity -- Inherited retinal disorders -- Retinal dystrophies with systemic associations and the retinal ciliopathies -- Inherited macular dystrophies -- Congenital pigmentary and vascular abnormalities of the retina -- Retinal flecks, dots and crystals -- Acquired and other retinal diseases (including juvenile x-linked retinoschisis) -- Retinal detachment in childhood -- Congenital anomalies of the optic discs -- Hereditary optic neuropathies -- Other acquired optic disc abnormalities in children -- Demyelinating, inflammatory, infectious, and infiltrative optic neuropathies -- The optic chiasm -- Headache in children -- Raised intracranial pressure -- The brain and cerebral visual impairment -- Delivering bad news -- Common issues arising in children with visual impairment -- Visual conversion disorders : fabricated or exaggerated symptoms in children -- Dyslexia -- Neurometabolic disease and the eye -- Pupil anomalies and reactions -- Leukemia -- Phakomatoses (including the neurofibromatoses) -- Accidental trauma in children -- Child maltreatment, abusive head trauma, and the eye -- Refractive surgery in children -- Binocular vision -- Amblyopia : basics, questions, and practical management -- Anatomy of strabismus -- The orthoptic evaluation -- Infantile esotropias -- Accommodative esotropias -- Special esotropias (acute comitant, sensory deprivation, myopia-associated and microtropia) -- Intermittent exotropia -- Special forms of comitant exotropia -- Vertical strabismus -- "a," "v," and other pattern strabismus -- Congenital cranial dysinnervation disorders -- Ocular motor nerve palsies -- Strabismus : nonsurgical treatment -- Strabismus surgery -- Minimally invasive strabismus surgery -- Strabismus surgery complications and how to avoid them -- Nystagmus in childhood -- Supranuclear eye movement disorders, acquired and neurologic nystagmus -- "I think my baby can't see!" -- "My baby's got a red eye, doctor!" -- "My child keeps blinking and closing his eye" -- "M child seems to hate the bright light" -- "M child's eyes keep watering!" -- Proptosis at different ages -- "M child's teacher says she can't see properly!" -- "M child could see perfectly but now the vision is weak!" -- The child with a dual sensory loss (deafblind) -- "M little girl tells me she sees strange things" -- Wobbly eyes in infancy -- Abnormal head postures in children -- Hand defects and the eye -- Optimizing compliance in patching therapy -- Vision screening -- Self-inflicted ocular injuries -- Apps and all that ? (how my smartphone changed my life).
    Digital Access  ClinicalKey 2017