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    Daniel Pedro Cardinali.
    1. Brief history of the stone of madness -- 2. The prescientific stage of the pineal gland -- 3. The beginnings of the pineal scientific era: from the late nineteenth century of melatonin's discovery -- 4. Sleep/wake cycle: history and facts -- 5. When this chronicler enters the story: the 1960s -- 6. The stone of madness as a neuroendocrine organ and model: the 1970s -- 7. Peripheral innervation of neuroendocrine-immune system: the challenges to change of physiological paradigm -- 8. Melatonin as a potential therapeutic agent: the 1980s -- 9. Melatonin as a chronobiotic that opens the "gates of sleep": the 1990s -- 10. Melatonin and the "diseases of the soul": the stone of madness returns -- 11. Twenty-first century: the 24/7 society as an environmental mutation -- 12. Melatonin as a medicament for the 24/7 society: metabolic syndrome -- 13. Melatonin as a medicament for the 24/7 society: normal and pathological aging -- 14. Melatonin as a medicament for the 24/7 society: cancer -- 15. Melatonin as a nutraceutical -- Epilogue -- Index.
    Digital Access  Springer 2016