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    Diogo Ayres-de-Campos.
    Summary: This book provides a practical guide to the management of obstetric emergencies? acute complications during pregnancy and childbirth that pose a life-threatening risk to the mother and/or the fetus, and whose treatment requires an almost immediate response from the healthcare team in order to guarantee a favorable outcome. The book covers two essential areas: the "predominately fetal" emergencies - acute fetal hypoxia/acidosis, shoulder dystocia, and retention of the aftercoming head; and the "predominately maternal" emergencies - eclampsia, maternal cardiorespiratory arrest and post-partum hemorrhage. The book offers a valuable guide for healthcare professionals who deal with obstetric patients, as they may use it for reviewing these rare situations and for consultation when they encounter them. It is also a useful reference manual for simulation-based courses designed to develop and maintain clinical expertise in this area. Healthcare professionals will find that this book offers a comprehensive and pan-European perspective on the clinical management of these situations, as well as a pragmatic and reliable source of information for dealing with acute complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

    Acute fetal hypoxia (including umbilical cord prolapse)
    Uterine rupture and major placental abruption
    Shoulder dystocia
    Retention of the aftercoming head
    Maternal cardio-respiratory arrest
    Amniotic fluid embolism
    Pulmonary thromboembolism
    Major obstetric haemorrhage
    Simulation-based training of obstetric emergencies.
    Digital Access Springer 2016