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    [edited by] Drew A. Torigian, Parvati Ramchandani.
    Introduction to radiography, fluoroscopy, and tomosynthesis -- Introduction to ultrasonography, CT, and MRI -- Introduction to nuclear medicine and molecular imaging -- Introduction to image processing, visualization, and analysis -- Computers in radiology -- Introduction to contrast agents -- Radiation dose and safety considerations in imaging -- Screening mammography -- Diagnostic mammography -- Breast ultrasonography (us) and breast procedures -- Breast MRI -- Cardiac and pericardiac imaging -- Aortic imaging -- Coronary arterial imaging -- Pulmonary vascular imaging -- CT angiography and MR angiography of the peripheral and visceral vasculature -- Imaging of lung nodules and masses -- Imaging of airspace lung disease -- Radiography of interstitial lung disease -- Imaging of mediastinal disease -- Imaging of pleural disease -- Tubes, lines, catheters, and other devices -- Abdominal radiography -- Fluoroscopy of the upper gastrointestinal tract -- CT and MRI of the upper gastrointestinal tract -- Fluoroscopy of the lower gastrointestinal tract -- CT and MRI of the lower gastrointestinal tract -- CT and MRI of the liver, gallbladder, and biliary tract -- CT and MRI of the spleen -- CT and MRI of the pancreas -- CT and MRI of the peritoneum, omentum, and mesentery -- CT and MRI of the acute abdomen and pelvis -- Urography -- Genitourinary tract fluoroscopy -- CT and MRI of the kidney -- CT and MRI of the adrenal glands -- CT and MRI of the retroperitoneum -- Imaging of the female pelvis -- Imaging of the male pelvis -- Brain imaging : anatomy, trauma, and tumors -- Brain imaging : inflammatory, infectious, and vascular diseases -- Advanced neurospinal imaging -- Head and neck imaging, part 1 -- Head and neck imaging, part 2 -- Imaging of extremity trauma -- Imaging of spinal trauma -- Imaging of nontraumatic spinal disorders -- Imaging of metabolic bone disease -- Imaging of arthritis -- Imaging of musculoskeletal infection -- Imaging of musculoskeletal tumors -- MRI of the shoulder -- MRI of the elbow -- MRI of the hand and wrist -- MRI of the hip -- MRI of the knee -- MRI of the foot and ankle -- Obstetric ultrasonography in the first trimester -- Obstetric ultrasonography in the second trimester -- Advanced fetal ultrasonography and therapy -- Neck ultrasonography -- Abdominal ultrasonography -- Musculoskeletal ultrasonography -- Vascular ultrasonography -- Patient sedation and pain management -- Equipment, terms, and techniques in interventional radiology -- Inferior vena cava filters -- Image-guided percutaneous needle biopsy -- Advanced procedures in interventional radiology -- Peripheral arterial disease diagnosis and intervention -- Embolization techniques and applications -- Biliary and portal venous interventions -- Genitourinary and gastrointestinal interventional radiology -- Neurointerventional radiology -- Musculoskeletal interventional radiology -- Pet of oncological disorders -- Pet of nononcological disorders -- Bone scintigraphy -- Pulmonary scintigraphy -- Thyroid, parathyroid, and salivary gland scintigraphy -- Gastrointestinal and genitourinary scintigraphy -- Cardiac scintigraphy -- Brain scintigraphy -- Radiopharmaceutical therapeutic intervention -- Pediatric thoracic radiology -- Pediatric cardiovascular radiology -- Pediatric gastrointestinal radiology -- Pediatric genitourinary radiology -- Pediatric neuroradiology -- Pediatric musculoskeletal radiology -- Imaging of child abuse -- Training pathways in diagnostic imaging -- Medicolegal issues in diagnostic imaging -- Radiology and other imaging-related organizations.
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