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    Abha Agrawal, editor.
    Chapter 1. First Do No Harm: An overview of HIT and Patient Safety
    Chapter 2. An overview of HIT-related errors
    Section I. Errors Related to Various Types of Health Information Technologies
    Chapter 3. Errors related to CPOE
    Chapter 4. Errors related to alert fatigue
    Chapter 5. Unintended consequences of bar-code assisted medication administration
    Chapter 6. Errors related to outpatient e-prescribing
    Chapter 7. Errors related to alarms and monitors
    Chapter 8. Errors related to personal mobile technology
    Section II. Health Information Technology Implementation Issues
    Chapter 9. Improving clinical documentation integrity
    Chapter 10. EHR and physician-patient communication
    Chapter 11. Patient identification errors and HIT: Friend or foe?
    Chapter 12. Errors related to health information exchange
    Section III. Specialty Considerations
    Chapter 13. Safety considerations in radiation therapy
    Chapter 14. Safety considerations in pediatric informatics
    Chapter 15.Safety considerations in ambulatory care informatics
    Section IV. Organizational Considerations
    Chapter 16. Health information technology and medical liability risks
    Chapter 17. Improving safety through enterprise risk management
    Chapter 18. Managing HIT contract process for patient safety
    Chapter 19. Improving safety of medical device use through training.
    Digital Access Springer 2016