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    Roy J. Shephard, Catrine Tudor-Locke, editors.
    1. Physical activity and optimal health: the callenge to epidemiology
    2. A history of physical activity measurement in epidemiology
    3. Outputs available from objective monitors
    4. Protocols for data collection, management and treatment
    5. Resources for data interpretation and reporting
    6. New information on population activity patterns revealed by objective monitoring
    7. Can the epidemiologist learn more from sedentary behaviour than from the measurement of physical activity?
    8. New perspectives on activity/ disease relationships yielded by objective monitoring
    9. Excessive appetite vs. inadequate physical activity in the pathology of obesity: evidence from objective monitoring
    10. Objective monitoring and the challenge of defining dose/response relationships for the prevention of chronic disease
    11. The economic benefits of increased physical activity as seen through an objective lens
    12. Limitations of current objective monitors and opportunities to overcome these problems
    13. Objective measurement in physical activity surveillance: present role and future potential
    14. Self-report and direct measures of health: bias and implications
    15. Conclusions and future directions.
    Digital Access Springer 2016