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    volume editor, Kristin Hansen Lagattuta.
    Introduction : integrated approaches to studying the development of emotion / Hansen Lagattuta, K. -- Emotion processing in infancy / Hoehl, S. -- Developmental affective psychophysiology : using physiology to inform our understanding of emotional development / Hastings, P.D., Kahle, S.S., Han, G.H.-P. -- Emotional development in maltreated children / Cicchetti, D., Ng, R. -- Temperament and attention as core mechanisms in the early emergence of anxiety / Pérez-Edgar, K., Taber-Thomas, B., Auday, E., Morales, S. -- Emotional competence and social relations / Lemerise, E.A., Harper, B.D. -- Emotion socialization in the family with an emphasis on culture / Camras, LA., Shuster, M.M., Fraumeni, B.R. -- Gender and voice in emotional reminiscing / Fivush, R. -- How does talk about thoughts, desires, and feelings foster children's socio-cognitive development? : mediators, moderators and implications for intervention / Hughes, C., White, N., Ensor, R. -- The mysterious emotional life of little red riding hood / Harris, PL., de Rosnay, M., Ronfard, S. -- Author index -- Subject index.
    Digital Access  Karger 2014