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    M. Brock Fenton, Alan D Grinnell, Arthur N. Popper, Richard R. Fay, editors.
    A History of the Study of Echolocation
    Phylogeny, Genes, and Hearing
    Implications for the Evolution of Echolocation in Bats
    Ultrasound Production, Emission, and Reception
    To Scream or to Listen? Prey Detection and Discrimination in Animal-Eating Bats
    Roles of Acoustic Social Communication in the Lives of Bats
    Guild Structure and Niche Differentiation in Echolocating Bats
    Neural Coding of Signal Duration and Complex Acoustic Objects
    The Neural Processing of Frequency Modulations in the Auditory System of Bats
    Behavioral and Physiological Bases for Doppler Shift Compensation by Echolocating Bats
    Perceiving the World Through Echolocation and Vision
    Perspectives and Challenges for Future Research in Bat Hearing
    Digital Access Springer 2016