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    edited by Rosemary Crouch and Vivyan Alers.
    Part 1. Theoretical Concepts in Occupational Therapy : -- 1. Creative Ability: A Model for Individual and Group Occupational Therapy for Clients with Psychosocial Dysfunction / Patricia de Witt -- 2. The Relevance of Occupational Science to Occupational Therapy in the Field of Mental Health / Lana van Niekerk -- 3. Ethics, Human Rights and the Law in Mental Health Care Practice / Dain van der Reyden and Rosemary Crouch -- 4. Cultural Considerations in the Provision of an Occupational Therapy Service in Mental Health / Rosemary Crouch -- 5. Clinical Reasoning in Psychiatric Occupational Therapy / Vivyan Alers -- -- Part 2. Specific Issues in Occupational Therapy : -- 6. HIV/AIDS in Psychiatry and Issues Facing Occupational Therapists Regarding Practice: Moral and Ethical Dilemmas / Dain van der Reyden, Robin Joubert and Chantal Christopher -- 7. Forensic Psychiatry and Occupational Therapy / Michelle Moore -- 8. Acute Psychiatry and the Dynamic Short-Term Intervention of the Occupational Therapist / Catherine Shorten and Rosemary Crouch -- 9. Improving Health and Access to Health Services through Community-Based Rehabilitation / Stephanie Homer -- 10. Care, Treatment and Rehabilitation Programmes for Large Numbers of Long-Term Mental Health Care Users / Kobie Zietsman and Daleen Casteleijn -- 11. Auxiliary Staff in Mental Health Care: Requirements, Functions and Supervision / Dain van der Reyden -- 12. Vocational Rehabilitation in Psychiatry and Mental Health / Lyndsey Swart and Tania Buys -- 13. Psychiatric Occupational Therapy in the Corporate, Insurance and Medico-legal Sectors / Lee Randall -- 14. An Occupational Therapist's Perspective on Sexuality and Psychosocial Sexual Rehabilitation / Louise Fouché -- -- Part 3. Occupational Therapy with Children, Adolescents and Adults : -- 15. Early Intervention for Young Children at Risk for Developmental Mental Health Disorders / Kerry Wallace -- 16. Occupational Therapy Intervention with Children with Psychosocial Disorders / Vivyan Alers -- 17. Interdisciplinary Group Therapy with Children / Marita Rademeyer and Deirdre Niehaus -- 18. Specific Occupational Therapy Intervention with Adolescents / Louise Fouché and Lisa Wegner -- 19. Sensory Integration in Mental Health / Annamarie van Jaarsveld -- 20. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder through a Person's Lifespan: Occupational Therapy to Enhance Executive and Social Functioning / Ray Anne Cook -- 21. Trauma and Its Effects on Children, Adolescents and Adults: The Role of the Occupational Therapist / Vivyan Alers -- 22. Post-traumatic Brain Injury: Handling Behavioural and Cognitive Changes / Sylvia Birkhead -- 23. Occupational Therapy for Anxiety, Somatic and Stressor-related Disorders / Madeleine Duncanand Claire Prowse -- 24. Occupational Therapy with Mood Disorders / Madeleine Duncan and Claire Prowse -- 25. The Treatment of Eating Disorders in Occupational Therapy / Rosemary Crouch and Vivyan Alers -- 26. Understanding Persons with Personality Disorders: Intervention in Occupational Therapy / Ann Nott -- 27. The Occupational Therapy Approach to the Management of Schizophrenia / Rosemary Crouch -- 28. Substance Use and Abuse: Intervention by a Multidisciplinary Approach Which Includes Occupational Therapy / Rosemary Crouch and Lisa Wegner -- 29. Gerontology, Psychiatry and Occupational Therapy / Susan Beukes.
    Digital Access  Wiley 2014