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    Eleanor H. Simpson, Peter D. Balsam, editors.
    Part 1 -- THE NEUROBIOLOGY OF COMPONENTS OF MOTIVATIONAL DRIVE -- Regulation of the Motivation to Eat -- Sexual Motivation Opposed by the Influences of Stress -- Motivational Forces Driving Social Behaviours -- The Roles of Wanting and Liking in Motivating Behaviour, Including Gambling, Food and Drug Addiction. Circadian Regulation of Motivated Behaviour -- How Negative Forces Influence Motivations Part 2 -- NEURAL MEASURES AND CORRELATES OF MOTIVATION SIGNALS AND COMPUTATIONS -- Neural Computations of Postive and Negative Reward Value -- The Dopaminergic Regulation of Motivated Behaviour -- Neural Modulators other than Dopamine that Regulate Motivated Behaviours -- Neural Correlates of Motivation Signals in Humans -- Motivational Forces in Decision Making Processes -- Part 3 -- APATHY AND PATHOLOGICAL DEFICITS IN MOTIVATION -- The Identification of Phenotypes and Biomarkers in Depression -- Defining Motivation Deficits in Schizophrenia and Relating them to Clinical Symptoms -- Dissecting the Behavioural components of deficits in motivation in Patients with Schizophrenia -- How Deficits in Motivation are Similar and Different in Depression and Schizophrenia -- Modeling Motivation Deficits in Rodents -- Part 4 -- ADDICTION AND THE APTHOLOGICAL MISDIRECTION OF MOTIVATED BEHAVIOUR -- Motivation in Overdrive: Substance Abuse Disorder -- Insight into Gambling motivation from Animal Models -- Part 5 -- DEVELOPMENTS IN TREATMENTS FOR MOTIVATION PATHOLOGIES -- The Role of Motivation in Schizophrenia Cognitive Remediation -- The Impact of Regulating Focus on Motivated Behaviour -- Insights into Gambling Motivation from Animal Models -- Exploring Pharmacological Agents in Animal Models.
    Digital Access  Springer 2016