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    edited by David B. Arciniegas, Nathan D. Zasler, Rodney D. Vanderploeg, Michael S. Jaffee, T. Angelita Garcia
    Overview of traumatic brain injury / Erin D. Bigler, William L. Maxwell
    Medical evaluation / David B. Arciniegas
    Neuropsychological assessment / Rodney D. Vanderploeg
    Disorders of consciousness / John Whyte, Joseph Giacino
    Cognitive impairments / David B. Arciniegas, Kimberly L. Frey, and Thomas W. McAllister
    Disorders of mood and affect / Ricardo E. Jorge, David B. Arciniegas
    Anxiety disorders / Jesse R. Fann, Matthew Jakupcak
    Posttraumatic stress disorder / Jan E. Kennedy, Michael S. Jaffee, and Douglas B. Cooper
    Posttraumatic psychosis / Perminder S. Sachdev
    Aggressive disorders / Stuart C. Yudofsky, Jonathan M. Silver, and Karen E. Anderson
    Apathy / Robert van Reekum, Emma van Reekum
    Substance use disorders / Jennifer Bogner
    Headache / Robert L. Ruff [and others]
    Seizures and epilepsy / Lauren Frey
    Sleep and fatigue / Sandeep Vaishnavi, Una McCann, and Vani Rao
    Posttraumatic sensory impairments / Nathan D. Zasler
    Traumatic brain injury in late life / William C. Walker, David X. Cifu
    Athletes and sports-related concussion / Christopher M. Bailey, Michael A. McCrea, and Jeffrey T. Barth
    Military personnel and veterans with traumatic brain injury / Kimberly Meyer, Michael S. Jaffee
    Persistent symptoms after a concussion / Jonathan M. Silver, Thomas Kay
    Forensic issues and traumatic brain injury / Robert P. Granacher Jr.
    Digital Access PsychiatryOnline 2013