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    [edited by] Howard W. Jones, John A. Rock.
    Operative gynecology before the era of laparoscopy: a brief history
    The ethics of pelvic surgery
    Psychological aspects of pelvic surgery
    Risk prevention, risk management, and professional liability
    The changing environment in which we practice gynecologic surgery
    Training the gynecologic surgeon: maintaining and improving surgical skills
    Surgical anatomy of the female pelvis
    Preoperative care of the gynecologic patient
    Postanesthesia and postoperative care
    Water, electrolyte, and acid-base metabolism
    Postoperative infections: prevention and management
    Shock in the gynecologic patient
    Wound healing suture material, and surgical instrumentation
    Incisions for gynecologic surgery
    Principles of electrosurgery and laser energy applied to gynecologic surgery
    Diagnostic and operative laparoscopy
    Robotic surgery
    Operative hysteroscopy
    Control of pelvic hemorrhage
    The impact of assisted reproductive technology on gynecologic surgery
    Reconstructive tubal surgery
    Surgical conditions of the vulva
    Surgical conditions of the vagina and urethra
    Surgery for anomalies of the müllerian ducts
    Normal and abnormal uterine bleeding
    Tubal sterilization
    Surgery of benign disease of the ovary
    Persistent or chronic pelvic pain
    Pelvic inflammatory disease
    Leiomyomata uteri and myomectomy
    Abdominal hysterectomy
    Vaginal hysterectomy
    Laparoscopic hysterectomy
    Management of abortion
    Ectopic pregnancy
    Surgical management of obstetric complications
    Ovarian tumors complicating pregnancy
    Pelvic organ prolapse: basic principles
    Reconstruction of the anterior vagina for prolapse
    Posterior compartment defects
    Vaginal vault prolapse
    Nonsurgical management of pelvic organ prolapse: the use of vaginal pessaries and pelvic floor muscle training
    Stress urinary incontinence
    Operative injuries to the ureter
    Vesicovaginal and urethrovaginal fistulas
    Anal incontinence and rectovaginal fistula
    Diseases of the breast
    The verminform appendix in relation to gynecology
    Intestinal surgery for the gynecologic surgeon
    Nongynecologic conditions encountered by the gynecologic surgeon
    Malignancies of the vulva
    Cervical cancer precursors and their management
    Cancer of the cervix
    Endometerial cancer
    Ovarian cancer
    Pelvic extenteration
    Surgical reconstruction of the pelvis in gynecologic cancer patients.
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