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    [edited by] Howard W. Jones, John A. Rock.
    Operative gynecology before the era of laparoscopy: a brief history -- The ethics of pelvic surgery -- Psychological aspects of pelvic surgery -- Risk prevention, risk management, and professional liability -- The changing environment in which we practice gynecologic surgery -- Training the gynecologic surgeon: maintaining and improving surgical skills -- Surgical anatomy of the female pelvis -- Preoperative care of the gynecologic patient -- Postanesthesia and postoperative care -- Water, electrolyte, and acid-base metabolism -- Postoperative infections: prevention and management -- Shock in the gynecologic patient -- Wound healing suture material, and surgical instrumentation -- Incisions for gynecologic surgery -- Principles of electrosurgery and laser energy applied to gynecologic surgery -- Diagnostic and operative laparoscopy -- Robotic surgery -- Operative hysteroscopy -- Control of pelvic hemorrhage -- The impact of assisted reproductive technology on gynecologic surgery -- Reconstructive tubal surgery -- Endometriosis -- Surgical conditions of the vulva -- Surgical conditions of the vagina and urethra -- Surgery for anomalies of the müllerian ducts -- Normal and abnormal uterine bleeding -- Tubal sterilization -- Surgery of benign disease of the ovary -- Persistent or chronic pelvic pain -- Pelvic inflammatory disease -- Leiomyomata uteri and myomectomy -- Abdominal hysterectomy -- Vaginal hysterectomy -- Laparoscopic hysterectomy -- Management of abortion -- Ectopic pregnancy -- Surgical management of obstetric complications -- Ovarian tumors complicating pregnancy -- Pelvic organ prolapse: basic principles -- Reconstruction of the anterior vagina for prolapse -- Posterior compartment defects -- Vaginal vault prolapse -- Nonsurgical management of pelvic organ prolapse: the use of vaginal pessaries and pelvic floor muscle training -- Stress urinary incontinence -- Operative injuries to the ureter -- Vesicovaginal and urethrovaginal fistulas -- Anal incontinence and rectovaginal fistula -- Diseases of the breast -- The verminform appendix in relation to gynecology -- Intestinal surgery for the gynecologic surgeon -- Nongynecologic conditions encountered by the gynecologic surgeon -- Malignancies of the vulva -- Cervical cancer precursors and their management -- Cancer of the cervix -- Endometerial cancer -- Ovarian cancer -- Pelvic extenteration -- Surgical reconstruction of the pelvis in gynecologic cancer patients.
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