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    Edmund S. Sabanegh, Jr., editor.
    1. Demographics of cancer in the reproductive age male
    2. Demographics of cancer in the reproductive age female
    3. Physiology of spermatogenesis: opportunities for disruption
    4. Fertility assessment in the male
    5. Fertility assessment in the female
    6. Fertility conditions associated with cancer development
    7. Chemotherapy and fertility
    8. Radiation therapy and fertility
    9. Sperm banking for cancer patients --10.Fertility preservation strategies in the male cancer patient
    11. Fertility preservation in the female cancer patient
    12. Cancer treatment in pregnancy
    13. Surgical approaches for sperm harvest in the azoospermic cancer patient
    14. Stem cells and fertility
    15. The role of assisted reproduction in the cancer patient
    16. Third party reproduction
    Digital Access Springer 2016