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    The menstrual cycle
    Premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhea
    Abnormal uterine bleeding
    Endometriosis and adenomyosis
    Leiomyomatous uterus
    Female sexual dysfunction
    Benign lesions of the vulva and vagina
    Lower genital tract infections
    Pelvic inflammatory disease
    Ectopic pregnancy
    Induced abortion
    Benign adnexal masses
    Acute and chronic pelvic pain
    Urinary incontinence
    Pelvic organ prolapse
    Breast disease
    Intimate partner violence
    Ovulation induction and in vitro fertilization
    Spontaneous abortion and recurrent pregnancy loss
    Hirsutism and polycystic ovarian syndrome
    Precancerous lesions of the lower genital tract
    Vulvar and vaginal cancer
    Cervical cancer
    Endometrial hyperplasia and uterine cancer
    Ovarian cancer
    Gestational trophoblastic disease
    Normal physiology of pregnancy
    Pathophysiology of the placenta
    Preconception counseling
    Comprehensive prenatal care
    Nutrition and exercise in pregnancy
    Obstetric ultrasound
    Prenatal diagnosis
    Antepartum fetal surveillance
    Genetics in pregnancy
    Cervical insufficiency and cerclage
    Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy
    Disorders of fetal growth
    Amniotic fluid disorders
    Renal disease in pregnancy
    Pregestational and gestational diabetes
    Hypertension in pregnancy
    Thyroid disease in pregnancy
    Autoimmune diseases in pregnancy
    Neurologic issues in pregnancy
    Pulmonary disease in pregnancy
    Cardiovascular disease in pregnancy
    Infections in pregnancy
    Surgery during pregnancy
    Trauma in pregnancy
    Alcohol and drug abuse during pregnancy
    Obesity in pregnancy
    Multiple gestation
    Labor and vaginal delivery
    Intrapartum fetal surveillance
    Cesarean delivery and vaginal birth after cesarean delivery
    Obstetric anesthesia
    Preterm labor and preterm premature rupture of membranes
    Placenta previa and placental abruption
    Postpartum hemorrhage
    Newborn resuscitation
    Postpartum care.
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