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    Kenneth Shapiro, Antonia J.Z. Henderson.
    Summary: This book provides step-by-step guidance on how to identify, assess and treat adults who have abused animals. The theoretical framework employed is broad, encompassing cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, attachment, and trauma-based theories. Organized by stages of therapy, the text discusses how to frame the therapy, establish a working relationship, deal with resistance, establishing accountability, clarifying values related to animals, and teaching self-management skills such as empathy, attachment, accommodation, reciprocity and nurturance. Additional materials are included or referenced, including an appendix of cases that illustrate the variety of client presentations and electronic supplementary material demonstrates role-played interviews and a workshop presentation.

    Introduction: 1 Introduction to the Second Edition
    The Violence Connection
    Identification and Assessment: Defining Abuse
    Sources of Identification of Abuse
    2.3 Assessment
    Intervention: Initial Phase of Therapy: Establishing a Working Relationship
    Establishing Accountability
    Interpersonal Skills: Empathy
    Other Interpersonal Skills
    Complementary Approaches
    4. Appendices: Appendix A: Supplementary Cases
    Appendix B: Screening Instrument
    Appendix C: History
    Appendix D: Animal Hoarding. .
    Digital Access Springer 2016