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    edited by Jesse M. Pines, Jameel Abualenain, James Scott, Robert Shesser.
    The emergency care system in the U.S. / Jesse M. Pines and Jameel Abualenain
    Ten common misconceptions about emergency department care / Dana Kindermann and Robert Shesser
    International perspectives on emergency care / Jameel Abualenain, Drew Richardson, David Mountain, Samuel Vaillancourt, Michael Schull, Phillip Anderson, Eric Revue, Brijal Patel, Ali Pourmand, Hamid Shokoohi, Shingo Hori, Lit-Sin Quek, and Suzanne Mason
    Human factors in emergency care / Raj M. Ratwani, A. Zach Hettinger, and Rollin J. Fairbanks
    Information technology in emergency care / Adam Landman and E. Gregory Marchand
    Telehealth and acute care / Sara Paradise, Michael Shu, and Neal Sikka
    Simulation in emergency care / Claudia Ranniger, Keith E. Littlewood
    Emergency care workforce projections / James Scott, Rachelle Pierre-Mathew, and Drew Maurano
    U.S. emergency and disaster response in the past, present, and future : the multi-faceted role of emergency healthcare / Joseph A. Barbera and Anthony G. MacIntyre
    Emergency public health / Rebecca Katz, Anthony MacIntyre, and Joseph Barbera
    The role of the emergency department in care coordination / Emily R. Carrier
    Payment reform in emergency care / Janice Blanchard, Stephanie Donald, and Nathan Seth Trueger
    The legal framework for hospital emergency care / Sara Rosenbaum
    The future of emergency care / Robert Shesser and Dana Kindermann.
    Digital Access Wiley 2014