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    edited by Peter Byrne, Alan Rosen.
    Machine generated contents note: List of contributors
    Part I: The Rationale for Early Intervention in Nearly Everything
    1 Introduction
    2 How Early Intervention can turn things upside down and turn a patient into a psychiatrist
    3 Involving the Family in Early Interventions
    4 Do Early Intervention Services for Psychosis Represent Value for Money?
    Part II: Early Intervention across the Lifespan
    5 Perinatal preventive interventions in psychiatry: A clinical perspective
    6 Psychiatry and Intervention in Infancy and Early Childhood
    7 Early Intervention for young people with mental illness
    8 Transiting out of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
    9 Adults of working age
    10 Early Intervention in Older Adults
    A focus on Alzheimer's Dementia
    Part III: Early Intervention in Specific Settings
    11 Primary prevention of mental disorders
    12 Early intervention in mental health problems: the role of the voluntary sector
    13 Why primary care matters for early intervention in psychiatry
    14 General hospitals
    15 Early Intervention Services: Background, rationale and development
    Part IV: Early Intervention in Specific Disorders
    16 Prevention and early intervention in depression and anxiety disorders
    17 Alcohol and substance use prevention and early intervention
    18 Early intervention in childhood disorders
    19 Early intervention for Delirium
    20 Early intervention for Self-harm
    21 Early intervention in Bipolar disorder
    22 Early intervention in Eating disorders
    23 Early intervention to reduce violence and offending outcomes in young people with mental disorders
    24 Early intervention for Borderline Personality Disorder
    Part V: Conclusions
    25 Early intervention and The Power of Social Movements: UK development of early intervention in psychosis as a social movement and its implications for leadership
    26 Challenging stigma
    27 Conclusions including standards
    Digital Access Wiley 2014