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    edited by Joseph F. Quinn.
    Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of dementia / Richard Camicioli
    Rapidly progressive dementia and its mimics / Amy May Lin Quek and Andrew McKeon
    Young onset dementia : how much diagnostic testing is enough? / Anahita Adeli and Keith A. Josephs
    An approach to the problem of normal pressure hydrocephalus / Norman Relkin
    Depression : cause or complication of cognitive decline? / David Mansoor, Sahana Misra, and Linda Ganzini
    Mild cognitive impairment / Ranjan Duara, David A. Loewenstein, Clinton Wright, Elizabeth Crocco, and Daniel Varon
    After the diagnosis : continuing neurologic care of the outpatient with dementia / Anne M. Lipton
    Using psychotropic medications to manage problem behaviors in dementia / Lucy Y. Wang and Murray A. Raskind
    Palliative care in advanced dementias / Ira Byock and Cory Ingram
    Ethical, legal, and social issues in dementia / Amy Y. Tsou and Jason Karlawish
    Assessing outcomes in dementia car / Joel Mack, Amie Peterson, and Joseph Quinn
    Primary prevention of dementia / Joseph Quinn.
    Digital Access Wiley 2014