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    volume editors, L. Tatu, J. Bogousslavsky.
    Neurology and war : from antiquity to modern times / Paciaroni, M., Arnao, V.
    Neurosurgical work during the Napoleonic wars : George James Guthrie's experience / Roux, F.-E
    Impact of 20th century wars on the development of neurosurgery / Dowdy, J., Pait, T.G.
    Elaboration of the visual pathways from the study of war-related cranial injuries : the period from the Russo-Japanese War to World War I / Lanska, D.J.
    Publications on peripheral nerve injuries during World War I : a dramatic increase in knowledge / Koehler, P.J.
    The influence of the two world wars on the development of rehabilitation for spinal cord injuries in the United States and Great Britain / Lanska, D.J.
    Traumatic brain injury studies in Britain during World War II / Lanska, D.J.
    Neurology and neurologists during the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871) / Walusinski, O.
    Silas Weir Mitchell : neurologists and neurology during the American Civil War / Boller, F., Birnbaum, .D
    Fench neurologists during World War I / Walusinski, O., Tatu, L., Bogousslavsky, J.
    Nostalgia in the army (17th-19th centuries) / Battesti, M.
    Neuropsychiatric disturbances, self-mutilation and malingering in the French armies during World War I : war strain or cowardice? / Tatu, L., Bogousslavsky, J.
    Neurological impact of World War I on the artistic avant-garde : the examples of André Breton, Guillaume Apollinaire and Blaise Cendrars / Bogousslavsky, J., Tatu, L.
    The central role of neuroscientists under National Socialism / Zeidman, L.A.
    What's in a name? : neurological eponyms of the Nazi era / Kondziella, D., Zeidman, L.A
    Neurology in the vietnam war / Gunderson, C.H., Daroff, R.B
    Neurotoxic weapons and syndromes / Carota, A., Calabrese, P., Bogousslavsky, J.
    Post-traumatic stress disorder among French armed forces members in Afghanistan : a new approach / Paul, F., Marimoutou, C., Pommier de Santi, Clervoy, P.
    Digital Access Karger 2016