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    volume editors, Michael Buchfelder, Federica Guaraldi.
    Sonography of normal and abnormal thyroid and parathyroid glands / Andrioli, M.; Valcavi R.
    Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging of the thyroid and parathyroid glands / Warren Frunzac, R.; Richards, M.
    Role of nuclear medicine in the diagnosis of benign thyroid diseases / Garberoglio, S.; Testori, O.
    Hybrid molecular imaging in differentiated thyroid carcinoma / Schmidt, D.; Kuwert, T.
    Endoscopic ultrasound in endocrinology : imaging of the adrenals and the endocrine pancreas / Kann, P.H.
    Adrenal imaging : magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography / McCarthy, C.J.; McDermott, S.; Blake, M.A.
    Adrenal molecular imaging / Sundin, A.
    Gonadal imaging in endocrine disorders / Lanfranco, F.; Motta, G.
    Magnetic resonance imaging of pituitary tumors / Boneville, J.-F.
    Intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging for pituitary adenomas / Buchfelder, M.; Schlaffer, S.-M.
    Molecular imaging of pituitary pathology / de Herder, W.W.
    Imaging of neuroendocrine tumors / Öberg, K.; Sundin, A.
    Digital Access Karger 2016