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    edited by Ashutosh Tiwari and Anis N. Nordin.
    1. Frotiers for bulk nanostructured metals in biomedical applications -- 2. Stimuli-responsive materials used as medical devices in loading and releasing of drugs -- 3. Recent advances with liposomes as drug carriers -- 4. Fabrication, properties of nanoshells with controllable surface charge and its applications -- 5. Chitosan as an advanced healthcare material -- 6. Chitosan and low molecular weight chitosan: biological and biomedical applications -- 7. Anticipating behaviour of advanced materials in healthcare -- 8. Label-free biochips -- 9. Polymer MEMS sensors -- 10. Assembly of polymers/metal nanoparticles and their applications as medical devices -- 11. Combination of molecular imprinting and nanotechnology: beginning of a new horizon -- 12. Prussian blue and analogues: biosensing applications in health care -- 13. Efficiency of biosensors as new generation of analytical approaches at the biochemical diagnostics of diseases -- 14. Nanoparticles: scope in drug delivery -- 14. Smart polypeptide nanocarriers for malignancy therapeutics -- Index.
    Digital Access Wiley 2014