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    Michael Silbermann, editor.
    Medical Care in Countries in Transition
    How to Prioritize Cancer Care for Countries in Transition
    Cancer Trends and Risk Factors in Morocco
    The Magic of Dreams: Conflicts and Quandaries Within Multicultural Societies in Transition
    Modeling Integrative Oncology for the Arab Population in Northern Israel
    Cancer Care in Palestine
    Influx of Foreign Refugees to Jordan and its Overall Burden on Cancer Care
    Caring For Children With Cancer In A Country Conflicted With Massive Refugee Migration: Jordan as an Example
    Challenges and Future Trends for Cancer Care in Egypt
    Cancer Care in Lebanon, New Trends and Challenges
    Cancer Care in an economically torn country: Cyprus
    Cancer Care in a Country Undergoing Transition: Turkey. Current Challenges and Trends for the Future
    Cancer Care in Sudan: Current Situation and Challenges
    Cancer care in Countries in Transition in Africa; the case of Uganda
    Cancer Care in Pakistan
    Cancer Care in India
    Cancer Care in Afghanistan
    An overview of cancer care in societies in transition- Global perspectives: UAE Experience
    Cancer care in countries in transition: The Islamic Republic of Iran
    Cancer Care in Regions/Societies in Transition in the Gulf States: Sultanate of Oman
    Challenges and prospects in cancer care in Georgia
    Romania: Attempting to Catch up the European standards of care for cancer patients
    Recent challenges and achievements in cancer care in Latin American societies
    Caring for Refugees with Cancer: A Case for Training of US Oncology Professionals
    University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Experience caring for patients from countries undergoing political-social conflict
    Forty Years Fast Forward: Vietnamese Refugees in the United States with Comments on their Cancer Care
    The current state of cancer care in North America
    Application of genetic testing for childhood cancers in emerging countries
    Cancer Care among Immigrants to North America
    Promoting Cancer Nursing Education, Training and Research in Countries in Transition.
    Digital Access Springer 2016