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    Olivier Courage ; with Forewords by Stephen S. Burkhart, Philippe Hardy.
    Chapter 1 Being in the right conditions
    1.1 Avoiding steam
    1.2 Properly entering the shoulder
    1.3 Avoiding blood
    Chapter 2 Being properly installed
    2.1 Installing the patient
    2.2 The surgeon's ergonomy
    Chapter 3 Basic essentials
    3.1 Stable image
    3.2 Straight image
    3.3 Finding your instruments
    Chapter 4 Exploring the shoulder
    4.1 The glenohumeral
    4.2 The subacromial space
    Chapter 5 Tips for the key surgeries
    5.1 Before the surgical arthroscopy
    5.2 The rotator cuff
    5.3 The subscapularis
    5.4 The biceps
    5.5 Instability and the arthroscopic Bankart
    Chapter 6 Less frequent surgeries
    6.1 The acromioclavicular
    6.2 The subscapularis nerve
    Chapter 7 How to evolve your techniques
    7.1 Analyze your mistakes, travel and create
    Digital Access Springer 2015